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SUNCAR HK launches remote maintenance system INSIGHT for manufacturers and operators of commercial vehicles and machines

The INSIGHT remote system from SUNCAR HK gives you a quick overview of your vehicle fleet or machine park. Through benchmarking and predictive maintenance, the remote maintenance system helps manufacturers and operators of conventionally or electrically powered commercial vehicles and machines to save costs. The system is used successfully on airports, construction sites and roads all over the world.


Operators of vehicle fleets or construction machines want to be able to check the location, general status and other data of their vehicles and machines at any time. With the remote system INSIGHT from SUNCAR HK, they can monitor conventionally or electrically powered vehicles and machines in the cockpit, dashboard or chart. Operating data such as operating hours, state of charge or tank level can be monitored intuitively and efficiently from a remote location. The map view provides an immediate overview of the current GPS positions and routes covered by the machines or vehicles. Key data of diesel and electric vehicles can be compared online and thus enable benchmarking. Reliable communication via the mobile network allows live support, such as problem analysis and troubleshooting or even software updates for network-capable controllers.

INSIGHT can be commissioned within a short time. The requirements are access to the CAN bus of the vehicles, GPS and mobile network coverage. The hardware is water- and dust-proof and was developed for the harshest conditions. The web application can also be used on tablets and smartphones. SUNCAR HK‘s remote maintenance system is successfully in use worldwide from the USA to Europe and Singapore. INSIGHT is primarily used by machine and vehicle manufacturers, but can also be used by third parties such as dealers and fleet operators due to its customer-specific layout of the user interface. The INSIGHT remote system increases transparency, shortens response times in support cases and saves costs.