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TEI Rock Drills is a privately held family business located in Montrose, Colorado USA.

TEI manufactures specialized drilling equipment for the construction, tunneling and mining industries.  All drilling equipment is manufactured in our state of the art facility using 5-axis CNC machines and also CNC grinding on the hardened drill parts.  These products are exported worldwide through distributors and direct sales to contractors.

There are three main product groups at TEI Rock Drills.  Drilling attachments, limited access drills and hydraulic drifters and rotary heads.  All of these products are produced to fill niche markets in drilling.  In this way TEI is a very specialized company with many unique solutions to drilling problems.
Drilling attachments are mostly excavator-mounted drills.  These drills are used for earth retention installing soil nails and tiebacks.  The extra reach of the excavator allows for faster installation and broader coverage for earth retention in natural disasters and planned construction as well.
The electric limited access drills are used for foundation repair and specialized tunneling and mining.  Because TEI is relatively small compared to other drill manufacturers we are able to produce these extremely specialized drills.  Larger companies cannot make such small machines at a profit.  In tunneling TEI electric drills are used to cut cross-paths, install roof bolts and advance small diameter tunnels.
TEI holds international patents on our hydraulic drifters.  A drifter is the rotary/percussion “head” that turns the drill steel and supplies percussion for rock drilling.  This is a very specialized type of manufacturing that is only undertaken by fewer than ten companies worldwide.
There is no company in the world that manufactures the particular group of products that are produced by TEI Rock Drills.  We use this specialization to solve drilling problems all over the world that other companies just cannot offer.
Joe Patterson
VP TEI Rock Drills
Cell (970) 209-1778