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TEI Rock Drills

TEI Rock Drills

TEI Rock Drills is a family business located in Montrose, Colorado USA.  Established in 1980, TEI specializes in manufacturing drilling attachments and limited access drills.  TEI is also unique in that we also manufacture our own line of drifters and rotary heads.  TEI drills are used for blasting, rock bolts, soil nails, micro piles, tiebacks, grouting and tunneling.

Our most popular attachment is the excavator mounted drill tool.  Unlike our competitors the TEI attachment does not modify the excavator in any way.  The hydraulic power is drawn from the hydraulic hammer circuit of the excavator.  Because of this it is possible to use a rental excavator with a TEI drilling attachment.  Another advantage is the added reach above and below grade of the excavator-mounted drill.  It is possible to drill up to 20 meters above the ground with a TEI attachment.

TEI’s other specialty are drills for limited access.  These drills are used inside of buildings and tunnels to install micro piles, roof bolts and carry out various grouting operations.  The TD50 and TD75 are electric powered rigs with rubber tracks and are able to install micro piles up to 30 meters deep.  The man-portable drills manufactured by TEI are small enough to fit inside of a closet for extremely tight access.  The man-portable drills are very powerful and able to use rotary heads or drifters.

TEI always strives to manufacture drills of very good quality that are simple to operate and maintain.  We are always looking for ways to improve our drills and help our customers be more successful.  The Latin American market has been a fast growing region for TEI in the past three years.  Incorporating new distributors in Panama, Chile, Venezuela, Argentina and Brazil has been a tremendous help in establishing TEI as a reliable supplier of drilling attachments in this region of the world.  TEI knows that success comes only by working closely with all of the people involved in the manufacturing and delivery of rock drills, from vendors to customers.  It’s this dedication to people that has made TEI Rock Drills a great success worldwide.

Please accept out invitation to attend the annual TEI Open House this September 27-29 in Montrose, Colorado USA.  The Open House’s purpose is to get all of the TEI family together once a year to share in our successes and failures over the past year.  Information is on our web site at please be our guest.