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Telemetry, Monitoring and Control Systems

NIHON KASETSU Monitoring is and Electronic system to measure and control anything… anywhere.

How does it work?

A group of sensors measure the parameters you want to control on-site, sending the information to the solar-powered Control CPU they’re plugged to. This control unit gathers, processes and sends the information via GSM communication module to a Secure Remote Server to be stored. Using any computer, smartphone or tablet connected to the Internet, users can remotely access different levels of information, historical data, statistics or images, receive alarms or act real time on the system, according to their predefined privileges. No headaches, easy to set up, configure and use.

The standard Control CPU model eComo03 can manage up to 6 analog inputs, 4 digital inputs, 4 thermocouple inputs and two cameras, as well as 4 digital control outputs.

What can be controlled?

Rain, Noise, Wind direction and speed, Temperature, Vibration, Water level in tanks, Ground water level, Humidity, Water turbidity, Water pH, Dust, Cracks and strains, Oxygen, Level in air, Vehicles speed, Earthquakes early warning, Heat stroke risk, Presence and Movement of people or animals, Landslide risk, Doors locking...


  • Plug & Play: anyone can install and configure it

  • NIHON KASETSU provides all kinds of sensors to suit customer’s needs, but the system also works with any other commercial sensor available in the market

  • Extremely robust hardware, software and communications


  • Emissions control (noise, dust, vibration…)

  • Processes control

  • Production optimization

  • Information display (LCD displays, LED…)

  • Signaling and alarm (sirens, warning lights…)

  • Vehicles traffic control

  • Disasters early warning (floods, earthquakes, collapses, landslides…)

  • Accidents prevention