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Wastewater treatment systems

NIHON KASETSU Wastewater treatment is an innovative technology for wastewater clarification. Solves the problem to efficiently treat any kind of wastewater produced in the construction sector, like surface and ground water runoff, water for tunneling, piling and cutting machinery, effluent and rain drains in excavation and foundation works, or machinery, vehicles and site cleaning.

There’re two standard treatment unit models: one is the larger version NWC-60 with capacity up to 90 Ton/h of contaminated water and the smaller version NWC-6 model, suitable for treating up to 12 Tons/h, which is more compact and lighter and can be installed in constrained spaces.

In addition to the clarification unit, NIHON KASETSU offers specific machines for VOCs removal, PH adjustment or sludge dewatering when required by the type of wastewater.

The efficient reagent, 100% natural and eco-friendly, eliminates suspended particles and other associated pollutants in the water, producing a harmless sludge that can be used as fertilizer. Cleaned water can be reused or discharged into a river or public drain system without any risk.

Main Advantages

  • Additives are harmless for humans and for the environment

  • Compact and easy to transport, to install and to operate

  • High performance

  • Low operation and maintenance cost

  • Does not require auxiliary systems such as compressed air

Reagent Nihon Kasetsu PW1

  • 100% natural: Non pollutant. Made of mollusk shells, seaweeds and minerals. Harmless for human beings, animals and plants.

  • One single compound, powdered: Easy to handle and dose. High efficiency. Integrates coagulation and flocculation processes.

  • High-quality resulting sludge: Tighter, easy to dewater and non-pollutant.

  • Treats any kind of water: Low sensitiveness to pH, temperature, turbidity, salinity…

  • Versatile: Offers its highest efficiency when used in NIHON KASETSU’s machine, but can be used with superb results in any other clarification process available in the market.