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JOSKIN TETRALINER transport tanker

TETRALINER with lobe pump: optimized transport tanker

The JOSKIN TETRALINER transport tankers are now available with a volumetric lobe pump mounted at the back of the vehicle.

This pump with a 6.000 l/min flow is hydraulically driven (120 l/min at 180 bar) by the tractor and operated through an offset control.

Rear mounted lobes pump with a 6.000 l/min flow rate

The volumetric lobe pump allows to increase the filling and emptying speeds of the tanker. Compared with a vacuum pump, the pumping capacities are also improved in pits of more than 3,50 m deep or when using a long suction hose.

This assembly on a TETRALINER tanker offers a constant suction speed even with thick slurry. The outlet pressure, higher than a vacuum pump, makes it also possible to increase the emptying flow.

JOSKIN TETRALINER transport tanker

As a reminder, the TETRALINER range includes 5 models (from 18.000 to 28.000 l).

To ensure an optimal driving comfort, all the vehicles are standard fitted with a suspension with parabolic leaves on the rear running gear and under the front axle.

The vehicles can be fitted with tyres up to 1.244 mm of diameter and 570 mm wide.

JOSKIN TETRALINER transport tankers

Source: JOSKIN S.A.


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