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The city continued to improve the overall level of agricultural mechanization

Tianjin Agricultural mechanization maintained a good momentum of healthy and sustainable development, and toward "full comprehensive, high quality and efficiency," the new stage forward, to achieve food "Eleventh even by" to promote the construction of modern urban agriculture has made an important contribution . Mainly in the following six areas:


1. Straw Jinshao AND COMPREHENSIVE task exceeded. The city of crop straw comprehensive utilization rate of 82.6%, over the annual target of 2.6 percent. Among them, the realization of fertilizer utilization of 1.44 million tons, 267,000 tons of feed utilization, utilization of 91,300 tons of raw materials, energy utilization 101,600 tons, 00,100 tons base utilization.

2. The full price of the purchase of new models running in good condition overall. For the purchase of agricultural subsidies to 130 million yuan (100 million yuan central, municipal 030 million yuan), an increase of 12%, using a 1.0545 billion. County matching funds 107 million. New types of agricultural machinery 8861 (sets), the new agricultural power 133,200 kilowatts. Constantly optimize the structure and layout of the equipment.

3. The quality of arable farmland continues to improve. 74 acres of arable land and 18 acres of pine deep laser grading task is satisfactorily completed. Because in the deep pine peaceful aspects of the implementation of the special operations subsidies to make this water conservation, drought waterlogging in the city has been popular technique used. For five years, the cumulative implementation of subsoiling operation 266 acres, 57 acres of laser grading, high and stable yield for the crop continued to lay a solid foundation.

4. Farm Mechanization Level continued to improve. Corn machine revenue to new highs, reaching 85.3%, an increase of 3 percentage points. Link mechanized rice planting fast forward, machine plugged rate of 90%, an increase of 10 percentage points. Rice machine yield of 87.4%, up slightly improved. Integrated mechanization level reached 85.29%, an increase of 0.5 percentage points. Facilities steady development of agricultural mechanization.

5. The introduction of new technology and equipment agricultural experiment accelerated. Combine Harvester technology mechanized cotton, rice and onion harvester broadcast technology, unmanned remote plant protection machine, intelligent networking equipment, such as the new precision seeder new technology and equipment in the city to carry out the test, in which precision sowing corn, rice and dry live, green onions and other mechanized harvesting techniques experimentally obtained initial results for further demonstration of the foundation.

6. agricultural safety supervision work to a new level. The city's agricultural safety supervision comprehensive free, total agricultural supervision fees waived more than 100 million. Registration rate of agricultural inspection rate and rate of licensed drivers were 90.3%, 67.2% and 86.4%, among the nation's advanced ranks. Jinghai County, was named the national "safe agricultural" model county, becoming the Jinnan, Beichen, Wuqing, Baodi, Chittagong city and Jixian Section 7 demonstration counties.