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The crop saving SunflowerKit for Pantera Go to photo
The crop saving SunflowerKit for Pantera

The crop saving SunflowerKit for Pantera

The newly developed SunflowerKit for the Pantera-H self-propelled sprayer offers the possibility to carry out crop protection and fertilising measures also in tall crops. These sorts of crop, such as sunflowers, can thus be treated right up to harvest without doing any damage to the plants.

In combination with the Pantera-H and its maximum ground clearance of 1.7 m, the SunflowerKit ensures that even tall plants can pass with absolute safety underneath the machine. The kit consists of crop dividers and a shaped underbelly cover. Placed in front of the tyres, the crop dividers accurately divide the plants in between the rows. The wheel guard keeps the plants away from the wheels and wheel gearboxes. In addition to the wheel enclosures and crop dividers, a shaped underbelly cover is fitted. Thanks to the special shaped profile of this cover and the properties of the flexible material, the plants are guided between the wheels in a funnel shape to the machine centre and pass unhindered underneath the machine. The shaped underbelly cover is fitted with pliable sheets so that the especially sensitive sunflower heads are not damaged.

Amazone S39

In this way the new SunflowerKit ensures optimum protection of the plants and, at the same time, saves the chassis components of the Pantera-H self-propelled sprayer.


Source: AMAZONEN-Werke H. Dreyer


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