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The first CTE ZED 25 HN goes to Slovakia

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The first CTE ZED 25 HN delivered to customer TreeGuard


The first unit of CTE ZED 25 HN, the newly born truck-mounted articulated aerial platform with straight down stabilization, was delivered to the Slovak customer TreeGuard through dealer HYCA s.r.o.

Excellent performance, the compact configuration of the stabilizers and not least the flexibility given by the design of the CTE ZED sigma boom were the strengths that convinced the Slovak customer TreeGuard to purchase the CTE ZED 25 HN model.

Adrián Avuk, Commercial Director at Tree Guard said: “The articulated aerial platform is a great solution for our needs. We already have the  ZED 20.3HV and  have experienced great flexibility given by this machine, especially the up and over feature. Additionally, HV provides higher stability at height and greater outreach.

In the end, we ordered an HN model thanks to the 7t chassis we provided. It is even better in practice since we can get much closer to the building, no need to use the outriggers horizontally. I totally recommend this option to any of your future clients.”

CTE ZED 25 HN will be used mainly for maintenance works such as cleaning building facades, the main activity of the Slovak company.

For Tim Hunt, CTE Area Manger di CTE: “Adrián is a young enthusiastic entrepreneur and conducted extensive market research before making his decision so it was very satisfying to us that he choose a CTE solution. He visited the CTE plant with our dealer HYCA to meet our team and his overall impression was a very positive one. “

To recap the main features of CTE ZED 25 HN: 25 m of working height, with an outreach of 12 m and a basket capacity of 250 kg, double pantograph and telescopic boom with 2 extensions to reach the maximum performances possible. The controls are proportional electro-hydraulic simultaneously with acceleration and deceleration ramps for a more fluid control of the maneuvers. The configuration of the stabilizers is with fixed narrow stabilizers. Finally, the S3 , Smart Stability System, monitors the position of the boom, stabilizers and weight in the basket in real time to allow maximum performance in absolute safety for the operator.


The dealer who supported CTE in this transaction is HYCA s.r.o. Company with twenty years of experience in the construction of truck bodies and specialized in the distribution and installation of lifting equipment.

The collaboration that began a few months ago continues profitably, the company has also purchased two CTE ZED 29 J kits to be installed on 18 t and 12 t respectively.

Of the partnership with HYCA, Tim Hunt says: "“ Hyca have a well-defined  work process, quality control and a strong focus on the final customer, values in line with those at  CTE“.

Source: CTE Spa