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The GIANT V5003 HD inspires the whole family

The GIANT 5003 came into the business of Hubert Müller in late summer of the year 2017, since then the tractor with backhoe loader is hardly ever used. All the handling of material is now done by the wheel loader. It works more efficiently, more easily and in a safer way which makes the whole family of the farmer happy.


Numerous animals live on the little farm in Richental, so a lot of work has to be done to handle all the different kind of materials needed there: round and square bales as well as straw bales have to be transported and piled up. Stables must be mucked out and the muck loaded to be carried away. Different materials on pallets are onloaded or different earth moving tasks have to be done, to name only a few examples.

„This machine is simply genius“

The enthusiasm of Hubert Müller about his machine is huge. Most of all he estimates the versatility and maneuverability of the GIANT. With the help of its high lifting forces of 2.500kg, the tipping load of 2.200 kg and more than three meters of lifting height Hubert Müller can manage his tasks much easier and quicker than before. Venturesome actions with the old backhoe loader now belong to the past. So other members of the family like to do work with the GIANT, while enjoying much the safety of the machine.

High standards

With the hydrostatic 4-wheel drive, heavy 14-tons- axles and the 100% switchable lock on both, and nearly 30km/h of driving speed Hubert Müller is prepared with the standard version of the machine for every ground and condition. For tyres he decided to use a wider version than is normally used with the standard machine. This makes it easier to move safely on the partly hilly grounds of his farm and at the same time is much more gentle to the ground. At the same time there is no need for twin tyres. Like that there is less work to install the tyres and less dirt on the tyres - which makes working with the machine a clean task.


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