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The Mega Liner Comfort - when speed makes the difference

Krone is now offering the Mega Liner volume trailer, which is particularly popular in automotive logistics, as a "Comfort" variant. The highlight of the Mega Liner Comfort is the Comfort side curtain. The innovative curtain has micro stanchions built into the sides, so there is no need for plug-in slats or standard centre stanchions. In combination with the central, hydraulic lifting roof (600 mm lift), drivers can open the vehicle in less than 30 seconds, which significantly shortens the entire loading process.


For opening and closing, the curtain is adjusted with a tension lever at the front. The curtain is tensioned as usual using a tension ratchet on the side at the rear. In between, the curtain runs on two rail systems in the roof and on the outer frame. The curtain can be gathered at the bottom using expander rubbers for quick adaptation to a reduced body height. A stopper on the running rail holds the open curtain in position.

Another advantage: The system is extremely easy to repair; the side  rail is screwed to the chassis in practical two-metre sections. If the rail is damaged during side loading, the corresponding piece can be quickly and easily replaced.

The Comfort side curtain is also convincing from the point of view of load securing: it meets the requirements of Daimler load securing 9.5 and is certified for beverage transport and in accordance with EN 12642 Code XL.

And last but not least, the Mega Liner Comfort scores points in terms of weight: With a tare weight of 6,880 kg, the trailer is around 200 kg lighter than comparable semi-trailers.

If the Mega Liner is not completely loaded, two vertical and two horizontal aluminium locking beams can be used to secure the load at the rear, which in turn are anchored in perforated rails in the floor and soft top.

Conclusion: With the Mega Liner Comfort, Krone offers a professional vehicle for high-frequency loading and unloading cycles in automotive logistics. In addition, the high-volume trailer, which can be fitted with the comfort curtain either on one or both sides, significantly reduces the driver’s workload due to the practical features.

Source: Krone