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The new EUROPROFI combiline loader wagon. The combo with the latest technology onboard

Our culture is closely linked with the development of meadows and pastures. Grassland makes a considerable contribution to the feeding of healthy, more productive livestock. High milk yield requires the best quality forage. Pöttinger has always supported principles for obtaining the highest quality forage using advanced technology. The loader wagon harvesting process forms a central basis for high quality forage, best possible ground tracking, low raw ash content and optimum chopping quality.


The loader wagon process has proved to be not only the most cost effective and high quality harvesting process for grass silage harvest worldwide, but also when used by biomass businesses. High performance plus smooth operation guarantee up to 50% lower diesel consumption compared with other harvest processes (source: Tests performed by Pennsylvania State University, United States and Potsdam Germany). In order to meet the different operating conditions of loader wagons and customers' individual requirements, Pöttinger now offers the EUROPROFI 4510, 5010 and 5510 as combined loader/transport wagons. These completely revised loader wagons are ready to be launched with even higher performance, a wider range of applications and 39 mm short chop. Pöttinger has successfully combined proven systems (such as the Pöttinger developed and patented EASYMOVE knife bank) with new technology (like the patented double knife “TWINBLADE” with individual knife protection).

With a power requirement of between 130 and 220 hp, the EUROPROFI combiline is just as smooth running as the previous model. The 6 row suspended pickup with cam track at both ends remains the same to ensure the best possible ground hugging to pick up and convey the cleanest forage. New developments include the swath plate and additional pickup tracking roller. This is located in the middle behind the pickup to provide improved ground contour tracking. The parallelogram linkage on the additional pickup tracking roller and adjustment system, which is independent of the jockey wheels at the front are unique. This guarantees one hundred percent floating suspension. The pickup roller can be set up to 50 mm higher. Top performance is achieved especially in very wet conditions with deep tractor wheel grooves, no sinking into tyre marks with precision depth control in all situations. As a result, the raw ash content of the forage is significantly reduced. Consequently, clean forage promotes higher milk yield to increase success.

The new pickup roller is available for all Pöttinger rotor type loader wagons from autumn 2013.

The rotor drive system features a side mounted bevel gear unit instead of a drive chain and is designed for up to 220 hp. Wear costs are now a thing of the past. Transmission is via a wide angle PTO shaft that is now protected at 1800 Nm. The new EUROPROFI combiline therefore has 11 percent higher drive power and 20 percent higher capacity combined with reduced maintenance requirement.

The powerful loading rotor has eight rows of tines (800 mm diameter) with 25 mm wide scrapers and an asymmetric knife configuration to ensure perfect chopping quality for a low power requirement.

The chopping system “POWERCUT” has been completely redesigned, 35 knives ensure a 39 mm theoretical chopped length, meaning that the new EUROPROFI combiline chops 15 percent shorter. The patented double knife system is also available, providing double the service life. A perfect chop is guaranteed over the long term with this system. With the double function knives you no longer need to carry replacement knives with you. The knife bank is conveniently pivoted out under pressure to the side from the tractor seat using the operator terminal. The EASYMOVE knife bank pivoting system was invented by Pöttinger to make knife maintenance as safe and convenient as possible. EASYMOVE is also implemented on EUROPROFI Combiline loader wagons. The knife bank release system is a new development; this is actuated hydraulically using a button on the side of the wagon. As a result, Pöttinger now offers previously unheard of convenience in handling and servicing, no tools required to pivot out the knives for maintenance. Knife changes are also unrivalled with the Pöttinger system. The knives are released and secured as standard. The knife security system on the new knife bank features a lever up in the protected zone for proven control.

The scraper floor is now 150 mm lower at the front. For the first time this enables 710/45R22,5" tyres to be fitted so that the wagon stands level. The crop is then lifted to the rear, leading to uniform and optimised discharge. The power requirement is also lowered as a consequence. The scraper floor chains have been increased to 10 mm. A 2 speed motor is also available as an option.

The 2 function front flap enables a rapid change between loading mode and combined transport mode. The compression flap is hydraulically controlled to be set in the desired position. There is a port in the front wall to provide a good view into the loading chamber from the tractor cab. The automatic loading system is equipped with two sensors. Compression is adjusted using pressure springs to provide an ideal match to the power of the tractor.

The frame construction on the Combiline features full length stable side panels without extension hoops. Roof ropes are available as an option for optimum load containment if using the loader wagon with hay and straw as well as an option to enlarge the volume of the loader wagon by up to 3m3. No crop is left lying on the new slanted fenders. The advantages are obvious nothing is lost during transport and the road and the loader wagon stay clean.

The tailgate is designed as a multifunctional rear flap with enormous discharge capacity. Instead of a tarpaulin, a new plate cover is implemented to prevent crop losses. The D version features a straight beater driveline as standard with a third beater available as an option. A cross conveyor belt operated using the Power Control Wireless system is also available.

A choice of tyres is available, depending on the type. The drawbar is implemented as standard with a 2 t load capacity and a low slung 3 t drawbar is also available.

The L version is operated as standard using Direct Control, with Power Control implemented on the D version. The CCI operator terminal is also available for both versions.

Pöttinger has yet again reinforced its reputation as the global leader in loader wagon technology. Offering more than 50 models of loader wagon, each designed for specific customer needs whether in the mountains or on the plains, in every country from northern to southern Europe and from America to Asia. Family run businesses, contractor, or large-scale enterprise – Pöttinger loader wagons cater to everybody's needs and are manufactured on the most modern assembly line in the world. Success speaks for itself, today Pöttinger loader wagons are number one worldwide.

Source: PÖTTINGER Landtechnik