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The new MEILLER RS21 hooklift: The innovative power pack

Where would construction and waste logistics be today without them? Modern hooklifts supply construction sites and dispose of recyclable materials – with these vehicles almost constantly on the move. As the market leader in this area, MEILLER is marking the INTERMAT with the presentation of the new heavy RS21 TS hooklift with numerous functional advantages.


The market segment for container handling systems continues to grow and demands modern solutions that increase efficiency during operation. Solutions like the new RS21 hooklift from MEILLER which, through innovative technology, represents a major leap forward. And the aspirations of MEILLER's engineers have raised the bar even higher. The new hooklift aims to be the fastest in its class, provide a greater payload and set a new standard in terms of safety. MEILLER will unveil the hooklift with a telescopic arm on a 3-axle chassis at the IFAT environmental technology trade fair.

The new RS21, whose designation stands for a lifting force of 21 tonnes, replaces the previous RK20 model and embodies a wide range of improvements. Its advanced design is marked by numerous intelligent detail solutions. Its optimum tare weight, construction height and
operating speed are the result of all-round successful development. The new telescopic arm also ensures that the MEILLER hooklift is even more universal in its applications.

Maximum torsional rigidity

The RS21 hooklift can be tailored to suit individual container lengths of between 4,000 and 7,500 mm, with the exhibit being capable of transporting roll-off containers measuring 5,000 to 6,500 mm in length. The tare weight has been reduced by up to 200 kg when compared to the predecessor model, benefiting the payload and reducing fuel consumption. With a particularly flat subframe, the RS21 lies low on the chassis, enabling problem-free loading of high containers for 100 cubic metre transports with an appropriate configuration that does not exceed statutory restrictions. Customers also value this advantage in the case of restricted clearance heights. Driving characteristics are also greatly improved, as the centre of gravity of the vehicle is also reduced as a result. The new frame is unique on the market in having enclosed profiles in the longitudinal members, providing a maximum degree of torsional rigidity. It is bolted rather than welded to the vehicle frame, ensuring that the standard corrosion protection offered by the vehicle manufacturer remains unimpaired.RS21

One particular argument in favour of the MEILLER RS21 is its operating speed. This has doubled, making the RS21 faster than any of its competitors in trials of the entire working cycle conducted on the test rig. The new high-speed valve accelerates the raising of the container and the lowering following tipping. Operation of the system is load dependent, permanent and fully automatic, ruling out any operating errors. Containers are positioned using a hydraulic soft stop system to protect the vehicle. Attention should also be given to the hydraulic underride guard at the rear with its strikingly compact design. Its scissors-like extension and retraction make it insensitive to dirt, wear and damage.

Greater operational reliability with sequence controls

The MEILLER i.s.a.r.-control remote in signal yellow has already established itself among MEILLER hooklift operators, with more than 60 per cent of all customers placing their faith in this feature. The operator can control all superstructure functions with the i.s.a.r.-control, and a stop-start button in the middle of the device is used for the vehicle engine. Even brief phases without the engine running pay off, saving fuel and reducing noise and pollution emissions – not to mention the costs involved. Networked control technology improves more than the ease of operation, and optional sequence controls save time and rule out any operating errors. To ensure optimum control, the electronic operating device is located in a fixed charging cradle installation in the driver’s cab on the A-pillar on the driver's side.

The lightweight brother: MEILLER RL18


The new MEILLER technology package is also available for lightweight transporting tasks. With a lifting force of 18 tonnes, the RL18 hooklift may deliver less hydraulic power, but its tare weight and construction height have once again been considerably reduced. The optional efficiency package is also employed here, consisting of a hydraulic soft stop system and both a rapid and high-speed mode. The same applies to the safety package which consists of a hydraulic container locking mechanism, a hydraulic underride guard and an electronic sequence control.

Source: F. X. MEILLER Fahrzeug- und Maschinenfabrik-GmbH & Co KG