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THE PW PUMP SERIES Grows With Two New Sizes

The 2015 edition of Agritechnica saw the unveiling of Poclain Hydraulics’ new PW heavy duty pump. This year we will display two additional sizes on our booth, the PW115 and the PW130.

Extending the series with new displacements - 115 ccs (7 and 130 ccs (7.9 per rev.- the two new pumps share the DNA of the High-Performance offering: higher performance to increase machine productivity while controlling fuel consumption.

The product specifications enable to reduce design time and cost on the new machines as well as enhance driving comfort.

The features of the all new PW115 and the PW130 are in line with those of the PW85 and PW96:

  • High operating efficiency, which limits fuel consumption. OEMs and end users are keen on reducing the carbon footprint and ownership cost of machinery.

  • Up to 500 bar (7250 psi) pressure and 3800 rpm rotating speed for extra productivity.

  • Exclusive electronic control for precise, responsive and safe driving. End users appreciate operating machines that provide optimal levels of comfort and safety.

  • The PW pumps are among the shortest on the market (axial length), thus freeing space in the engine compartment and allowing OEMs to meet the new anti-pollution standards without compromising on performance. 

Source: Poclain Hydraulics, Ltd.