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POCLAIN HYDRAULICS Introduces The PMe Medium Duty Pump With Electronic Control

Safety, accuracy and performance: those are the features of the new PMe pump, which integrates a set of sensors and an embedded Electronic Control Unit (ECU), the SmartDrive CT 30. It derives from the PM model and is available in two sizes, 30 and 50. The PMe is available with electro-proportional servo control with or without mechanical feedback, depending on the degree of accuracy requested.


The PMe is designed to be easily integrated into a wide variety of machines. The PMe’s on-board ECU can withstand the harshest environments, including proximity to the combustion engine. The ECU is pre-wired and pre-programmed; after shipping, the system is ready to be connected to the driving devices (e.g. the travel pedal, joystick, brake pedal) and is ready to use. It reduces development costs and shortens time to market. 

The associated electronic devices are delivered already plugged onto the pump and wired to the ECU. The factory-installed harnesses are tested at the end of the assembly line prior to delivery. The two integrated CAN Buses allow configurating, machine diagnosing and information sharing with other machine components (e.g. engine, displays, hydraulic components).

Among the many pre-defined software functionalities included in the PMe packages, the speed control loop is available for specific applications that need constant driving speed, a pre-requisite being two speed sensors in the wheels.

The PMe pump can also be used as a slave unit via CAN Bus. The CAN message redundancy ensures the safe control of the pump. The electronics performs an accurate pump control thanks to a factory pre-set calibration.The PMe can also provide the plugged sensors’ physical and electrical values (temperature, pressure, speed) via CAN Bus to the master ECU. 

Source: Poclain Hydraulics, Ltd.