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The range of electric towing tugs

Towing tugs thanks to theirs maneuverability are widely used in warehouses, airports, seaports, postal services and railway industry. New design solutions, economical and ecological aspects decided on the vehicles market success, both in the country and abroad.


BARTESKO company with the cooperation with the Institute of Mechanized Construction and Rock Mining, have developed a variation of three- and four-wheel electric towing tugs. While designing the vehicles computer simulations have been used which allow to develop the components in virtual reality. In turn, the practical part of the project was carried out on the basis of the latest design solutions which have not been used in Poland before in this product type.

Furthermore, in the production process of electric towing tugs computer distribution plan in combination with laser – cut parts have been used and this provided a significant material savings and reduce waste.

Introduced Novelties

Construction novelties introduced to the design of towing tugs concern:

  • modular cabin, the design allows the operator to work in open, semi-closed or closed cabin

  • control system of the operator's seat and the steering column, which allows to choose the optimal driving position

  • system for a quick exchange of traction batteries, allowing the vehicle to be in 24 hours constant operation (Three shift work system used at international airports)

  • system of energy recuperation during braking

  • effective while carrying a considerable weight cargo (high kinetic energy of the vehicle system- load)

  • the protective rear wall of the cab protects the driver from the effects of uncontrolled cargo displacement

Modern solutions used in the drive system, such as the use of light engines delivering power to the left and right wheels of the rear axle are worth attention. The adaptation of such a solution was led to a decrease in energy consumption and allowed to obtain intelligent steering system, in which the rear wheels cooperate with the wheels of the front axle.


Towing tugs are used for towing cargo trailers , aircraft and damaged vehicles. Thanks to theirs
maneuverability are widely used in warehouses, in airports and seaports, postal services and railway industry. They also move themselves perfect in areas with limited access for combustion vehicles.

The presumptions of this system will be gradually developed in the company - for the ideas to be used in the platform vehicles and in the future also in electric cars.

The status of implementation

Currently, the company has in its continual offer two ranges of vehicles – towing tugs and platform trucks, that are produced in different configurations and are equipped with dedicated hydraulic attachments for specific types of users.

These vehicles are operated both in Poland and other European markets, for example in Germany, Norway and Sweden.

Source: P.W. Bartesko