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Tiong Woon adds Grove GMK6300L-1 to its fleet

  • Tiong Woon Crane & Transport takes delivery of Southeast Asia’s first Grove GMK6300L-1 all-terrain mobile telescopic crane.

  • The crane specialist has deployed the Grove GMK6300L-1 to lift replacement parts at Shell Jurong Island, Shell’s largest refinery in the Asia-Pacific.

Tiong Woon Crane & Transport recently added a Grove GMK6300L-1 to its fleet and has deployed it to lift replacement parts at Shell Jurong Island, Shell’s largest refinery in the Asia-Pacific region. Tiong Woon is the first to take delivery of a Grove GMK6300L-1 all-terrain mobile telescopic crane in Southeast Asia.


“The GMK6300L-1 is ideal for working in refineries as it has a boom length of 80 m with the option of a swingaway jib between 12 m and 21 m in length,” said Michael Ang, deputy CEO, Tiong Woon. “Our favorite feature on the Grove all-terrain crane is the boom length and its ability to travel with up to 21 t counterweight on board the crane, which opens it up to a wider range of jobs.”

The GMK6300L-1 is the successor to Manitowoc’s ground-breaking Grove GMK6300L. The 300 t-rated GMK6300L-1 features a maximum tip height of 120 m when working with its full 80 m boom and 37 m of jib. When lifting with the main boom, it can lift up to 14 t at fully extended height and can handle this within a 14 m - 28 m working radius, offering a flexible range of applications.

On the Shell Jurong Island project, the crane is configured with boom lengths between 40 m and 60 m, and handles loads at working radii between 20 m and 30 m. Typical loads for the crane are replacement parts at the industrial plant, with weights generally under 10 t.

“We selected Manitowoc cranes because of the quick lead time for crane delivery and the competitive pricing that Manitowoc offers,” Ang said. “Besides, we previously purchased five GMK6300L units, the predecessor of the GMK6300L-1, so there’s an existing relationship with Manitowoc and the crane has a proven track record with us.”

Like its predecessor, the GMK6300L-1 features Megatrak suspension, along with Manitowoc’s standard all-wheel steering. Its counterweight slabs and auxiliary hoist are interchangeable with the GMK5180-1, GMK5200-1, GMK5250L and GMK6300L.

Based in Singapore, Tiong Woon is a leading integrated heavy lift specialist and service provider that supports the oil and gas, petrochemical, infrastructure and construction sectors. Tiong Woon is one of the world’s top 20 crane companies according to International Cranes and Specialized Transport magazine.


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