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MEILLER Three-way tipper with hydraulic system for municipal services Go to photo
MEILLER Three-way tipper with hydraulic system for municipal services

Tippers and hydraulic systems for municipal services from one single source



Presentation of the latest three-way tipper on a Scania XT all-wheel chassis. With crane preparation and a hydraulic system for municipal services, this vehicle is ideally equipped for the versatile applications of municipal services.

The brand-new Scania XT on the MEILLER trade fair stand advertises a very special MEILLER exhibit. Here, MEILLER has combined the advantages of a three-way tipper with a change-over system. This vehicle, which MEILLER has equipped with a new hydraulic system for municipal services and crane preparation offers essential product advantages.

And during operation it is obvious where these lie: The MEILLER tipper for municipal services is extremely versatile. As a self-loading unit it can be used independently for minor excavation tasks or, with optional extension aluminium side walls, it can be used to transport tree trunk sections and green waste. The hydraulic system for municipal services makes it suitable for sweeping surfaces in the summer and facilitates efficient road gritting and clearing in winter.

MEILLER three-way tipper

Change-over system for versatile use

The tipper in combination with the change-over system deserves special attention. It can be easily removed together with the telescopic ram. The grit spreader is thus located directly on the frame and saves payload.

One hydraulic system for all functions

Tipper, crane and hydraulics for municipal services are operated from one common hydraulic system. Developed together with major truck and crane manufacturers, this MEILLER solution thereby saves valuable installation space and weight. The tank, pump and pipework are located in a compact manner in the subframe ensuring an easy mounting of the crane. A change-over valve in the on-board hydraulic system provides the crane with the necessary oil flow.

three-way tipper

Hydraulic system for municipal services 2.0

The MEILLER hydraulic system for municipal services has been completely redesigned. The new joystick is integrated in the right-hand armrest in the cab and operates all main functions. The new compact operating device controls the general settings for the operation of additional consumers such as a snow plough etc. The driver can monitor oil temperature and level via the display. Useful functions such as automatic reverse gear or plough load relief can be selected with maximum ease.

Efficiency with load sensing system


When it comes to fuel efficiency, MEILLER recommends the load-sensing system which ensures that the hydraulic system only operates with the required oil flow rate for the respective functions. This means that only 5 l/min flow to the plough control block if only plough load relief is demanded. The volume increases to 16 l/min as soon as the joystick signals lifting and pivoting of the plough.

Everything from one single source

Only MEILLER can provide everything: steel components, hydraulic systems and electronic assembly are all developed within the company. Customers of crane and municipal services tippers benefit from shorter mounting times and proven serial quality. And, of no less importance, minimized interfaces are also a convincing argument. The availability of spare parts and a dense MEILLER service network with competent contact persons ensure support, even in rare service cases.

Source: F. X. MEILLER Fahrzeug- und Maschinenfabrik GmbH & Co KG