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TOBROCO-GIANT expands range with Samac acquisition

Overview GIANT machines and SAMAC compaction machines.
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Overview GIANT machines and SAMAC compaction machines.


Manufacturer of vibratory plates and rammers becomes part of TOBROCO-GIANT


TOBROCO-GIANT, the manufacturer of GIANT wheel loaders, skid steer loaders, telehandlers and attachments, takes over the Dutch ULBO Machinery BV. The targeted acquisition fits TOBROCO-GIANT's vision to grow into a full-liner in the field of compact equipment.

ULBO Machinery BV was founded in 1965 and specializes in developing, producing and supplying a complete range of compaction machines such as vibratory plates and vibratory rammers under the SAMAC brand name. The company is located in Zwolle, where the machines are developed and produced for the international machine market. TOBROCO-GIANT takes over all facilities and personnel of ULBO Machinery BV.

Developed in the Netherlands, built for the world

The acquisition brings together two Dutch brands known for their quality and innovation. “Both companies have a lot in common and that ensures that this acquisition offers great added value to our customers, dealers and suppliers,” said TOBROCO-GIANT director and owner Toine Brock. “The machines from GIANT and SAMAC are developed and produced entirely in-house in modern factories in the Netherlands. Both brands have a leading product portfolio and are known for their quality. In addition, the innovation of the machines continues continuously. In this way we can further expand the range and optimize existing models.”

Toine Brock, CEO TOBROCO-GIANT (right) and Jan Alwin Ulderink, CEO ULBO Machinery BV. <br> Image source: TOBROCO-GIANT

Taking benefit from collaboration

Exchanging experiences in development, purchasing, production and sales ensures that the brands will benefit from the collaboration. For example, both companies have focused on electrification of the existing models. TOBROCO-GIANT now has two electric wheel loaders and is going to expand this number considerably. SAMAC is at an advanced stage when it comes to an electric vibratory plate and rammer.

TOBROCO-GIANT sees plenty of opportunities in the field of sales and service. “Currently, it runs through several dealer networks, offering the opportunity to expand the machine's presence to more customers and more markets,” said Brock. “We have a network of 750 dealers in more than 60 countries, which gives us the opportunity to sell the vibratory plates and rammers directly in a large number of countries. In addition, the SAMAC dealer network gives us new opportunities for the sale of GIANT machines.”

TOBROCO-GIANT grows to full-liner

The takeover is a further step in expanding the range of compact equipment. Brock: “On the one hand, we invest in new products when it comes to GIANT machines and attachments. On the other hand, this is a nice extension of our portfolio to also tap into other market segments. Vibratory rammers and vibratory plates fit perfectly with our current GIANT machines. Whether it concerns rental companies, landscapers, road workers or customers from the earthmoving sector, they are already familiar with both brands and can now contact TOBROCO-GIANT for purchase and service. Our goal is that we can offer a total solution for companies in the future. Customers can then go to one brand for all their compact machines.”


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