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Transporter TX2500 with a 3-way dumper bed

Hinowa introduces the new TX2500 tracked transporter with a 3-way dumper bed

Hinowa, an industry-leading manufacturer of tracked vehicles, has now launched the new Transporter TX2500 model with a 3-way dumper bed. This previous version, with a swivel dumper bed, already distinguished itself by its speed, stability and transport capacity. Today, the version with a 3-way dumper bed offers an additional function that allows for tipping to be performed on three sides, with the automatic opening and closing of the sides.

Technical specifications:

  • The power of almost 50 HP is guaranteed by Kubota 4 cylinder diesel engine with large tank capacity and liquid cooling.

  • The special rubber tracks with floating rollers allows to reach the surprising speed of 11 Km / h.

  • The comfortable seat can rotate 180 degrees to allow to steer the machine with maximum visibility in both directions.

  • Safety is also guaranteed by the FOPS structure to protect the driver.

  • The accuracy of the controls is maximum thanks to its cutting edge hydraulic system with highest quality components.

  • A simple control panel, headlights, easy access to service points are other details that make the new TX2500 the perfect machine for maximizing the productivity of  your job.

  • The tipping of the dumper bed is controlled by a telescopic cylinder, which is connected by articulated joints that allow for movements on three sides with an angle of 55°.


Source: Hinowa S.p.A.

Hinowa TX2500 on LECTURA Specs