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Worlds best application system


The TWIN concept is a unique HARDI feature, which was developed based on the experiences from the mistblowers back in the 70s and 80s.

The TWIN concept is founded in an all-round understanding and control of the application in a 3D format.

The end-user can operate with far more parameters than on a conventional sprayer, such as:

  • TWIN air speed

  • TWIN angle

  • Can cover all angles of the plant or crop

TWIN technique

Powerful blower units provide air to the left and right boom sides respectively. The large amount of air pro­duced by the double fans allows for faster application speeds even under very difficult weather conditions. Each blower can be stepless adjusted to a maximum output of 2000 m3/h/m boom width and a maximum air speed of 35 m/sec.

Up to 100% more capacity

Spray drift from conventional sprayers can be so heavy that the operator has to stop befare the spray job is fin­ished. With efficient drift control it is much easier for the operator to be able to spray the entire field in one operation.

In most conditions, farmers using the TWIN sprayer get at least twice as many hours available for a safe and efficient spray job as with conventional sprayers.

Benefits with TWIN

  • Up to 100% more spray capacity

  • Reduced drift

  • Save up to 30% on chemicals

  • Better penetration in the crops

  • Improved spraying economy

  • Lower water consumption

  • Faster spraying speeds

  • More than 30 years' experience