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Nicolas Crouzevialle, Marketing and Communications Manager IRIUM Software and Caroline Reese, LECTURA Press Go to photo
Nicolas Crouzevialle, Marketing and Communications Manager IRIUM Software and Caroline Reese, LECTURA Press

Two questions for Nicolas Crouzevialle of IRIUM Software

Nicolas Crouzevialle, Marketing and Communications Manager IRIUM Software in an interview with LECTURA Press.

Monsieur Crouzevialle, please give us a short introduction to what Irium Software as a company is.


IRIUM Software was founded 36 years ago (1982) in La Rochelle, France and is one of Europe’s leading developers of software and ERP solutions for trading, rental and the repair of machinery in a variety of industries. These industries include agricultural machinery, municipal equipment, construction machinery, earthmoving machinery, ground handling and lifting equipment, trucks and commercial vehicles as well as parts and various other equipment. With our IT solutions for inventory management and other areas, we provide all necessary functions for the administration of operational processes. With over 100 employees IRIUM is represented in France, Spain, Germany and Great Britain. We also have a partner in the US. In early 2017 IRIUM became part of the Isagri Group which is one of the largest software companies in France with over 1.500 employees. Within this Group IRIUM represents the branch which is dedicated to equipment management systems. Our goal for the future is to continue an international introduction of IRIUM Software and to increase the number of our employees by 15% over the next year.

iEnterprise by IRIUM

With iEnterprise Rent IRIUM has introduced a new version of the iEnterprise ERP System. What is the difference?

iEnterprise is an international ERP system for dealers and rental companies of construction machinery, which was introduced in 2017. It replaced the original IRIUM-ERP i80. The system is based on a relational database and offers an extensive functional bandwidth tailored precisely to the needs of dealers and rental companies. iEnterprise offers various industry specific versions and is available for construction machinery, agricultural machinery, trucks and the industrial trucks sector.


With iEnterprise Rent we have somewhat updated the original version iEnterprise specifically for distribution and rental companies. We have redesigned some ergonomic features to facilitate the users access to contracts, editing of input and output documents, planning and making the interaction with customers more efficient. To speed up the response time, new features have been added, including a loan and leasing management module. The user is now able to create and control his very own financing plan, follow his depreciation schedules and to carry out simulations in case of a transfer or a change of loan. In addition to that, the mobile application iMob Check, which allows to monitor departures and returns on tablets, has also evolved. It now allows the completion of “check departures” of equipment in advance without a rental contract, as well as carrying out the “checks” of subleased machines. The goal is to provide the user with more information and autonomy for more efficient interventions and a higher customer satisfaction. The user is now able to visualize the previous 10 repair orders of the equipment he is dealing with to better determine what exactly could have caused the breakdown of that specific machine.

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