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Palazzani TZX 190C

Two Ragno Palazzani for Israel

Another 2 Ragno Palazzani – series TZX -  were delivered to the Israeli rental and sales company Amir eng. & Trade Co. Ltd.: a TZX 170 / C Bi-energy and a TZX 225 / C in ECO version (electric motor and batteries) ready to be delivered directly to Tel Aviv airport.

Amir Eng. & Trade Co. Ltd., with a long history of rental and sale of lifting equipment, started its operations in 1973 and today it has 170 employees, 3 locations throughout the country and an efficient, well-prepared and capable; all this guaranteed to Amir eng. & Trade Co. Ltd. a leader position in the Israeli market.

Palazzani TSJ 27C

Palazzani Industrie S.p.A. has been working with this important reality for many years, in fact, the company Amir eng. & Trade Co. Ltd. Has 8 Ragno Palazzani in its rental  fleet.

<< We chose the Palazzani spider platforms especially for low weight and reduced dimension. Everything else  comes from the good relationship we have with the commercial and administration department. >> says Mr. Boaz Webb, owner of the Israeli company.

Source: Palazzani Industrie S.p.A.

Palazzani TSJ 27 C on LECTURA Specs
Palazzani TZX 190 C on LECTURA Specs