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Vanderlande awarded airport-wide O&M contract in Barcelona

AENA, the semipublic body in charge of Spain’s 46 airports, recently launched a tender for the operations and maintenance (O&M) of the baggage handling systems in all terminals at Barcelona-El Prat Airport. The contract has been awarded to Vanderlande for one year, with potential for renewal on an annual basis for a further two years, subject to agreement between both parties.


In Terminal T-1, Vanderlande has operated and maintained the baggage handling facilities since 2009, when it delivered a state-of-the-art TUBTRAX system. The requested service levels in this O&M contract were among the highest in the industry and Vanderlande has managed to meet them successfully over the last six years.

In Terminal T-2, Vanderlande has installed the majority of baggage handling equipment over the last few decades, but the O&M has been carried out by other parties. In launching a tender for the O&M of both terminals, AENA applied the current service levels in place for Terminal T-1 to all baggage handling systems at the airport. Vanderlande was one of several companies to make an initial bid.

Winning the contract means that Vanderlande will continue to be AENA’s preferred partner for O&M, this time for all baggage handling facilities at Barcelona-El Prat Airport.

Freek Wullems, Manager Services at Vanderlande Spain, said: “We are delighted that AENA has chosen Vanderlande to take its baggage handling facilities at Barcelona-El Prat Airport to the next level. It confirms the productive partnership we share with them and highlights the effort our team has invested over the last six years in maintaining a best-in-class O&M performance of the Terminal 1 baggage handling system.”