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Vento Noleggi and CTE: an agreement for 6 ZED

The hirer from Treviso makes a purchase agreement for truck-mounted articulated platforms  with CTE


Vento Noleggi Sas is specialized in aerial platforms hire and is located in the Treviso province. The company deals in all the province and neighboring areas for artisans, electricians, pruners and indoor/outdoor maintenance.

Opened its doors in 2000, the business began with a first aerial truck-mounted platform with 32 m working height: today the fleet has grown to include over 60 machines, including truck-mounted and self-propelled platforms. An efficient sales office and after-sales department complete the service.

The company is a CTE customer since the beginning of its activity and has signed a sales agreement for 6 aerial truck-mounted platform : 4 ZED 20.2 H and 2 ZED 20.2 HV.

“We wanted to expand our fleet of truck-mounted articulated platforms inserting new machines with H and variable stabilization” tell us the owners, Mrs Paola Perini and Mr Roberto Carbonera. “We have collaborated with CTE for many years and always have believed that their product is reliable and highly appreciated by customers. The 80% of our fleet is composed by CTE and Genie platforms, therefore with these new purchases we have pursued the goal of standardizing our fleet. We have chosen truck-mounted platform with 20 m of working height because they are the most requested on the market, than for the H and variable stabilization performance, very quick in the placing. We are proud to say that the relationship that we have with our customers is like a friendship, then we take care of them offering maximum support and high quality of products”.

ZED 20.2 H is the top model of CTE: launched on the market last year, it reaches 20 m of working height, 9,2 m of working outreach and a maximum capacity in the basket of 300 kg. This is a “H” shape stabilisation with drive rods: a CTE patented system that guarantees the exit of the beam, and consequently of the outrigger, in one movement, without the help of jacks and cylinders. It allows you to get closer to the sidewalks and to avoid the sliding of the outriggers. It is perfect for all situations where you should work in tight and narrow spaces, like Christmas lightings, public lighting, green maintenance. The H stabilization also guarantees the exit of the stabilizer to allow the overcoming of obstacles (eg. sidewalks) up to 220 mm.

ZED 20.2 HV presents the same characteristics of ZED 20.2 H but has the variable stabilisation: a system that allows the possibility of choose between 4 different stabilization areas, narrow, extended, reduced to the left or to the right. The machine has a working outreach of 9.2 m and a loading capacity of 300 kg in the basket (without optional load cell but with moment limitation device) which allows to use the machine with a great scope (2 operators and work material). This system allows the operator to stabilise the machine in small spaces and then to have more advantages compared to other machines with single stabilisation. Specifically, the narrow stabilisation offers the possibility to work in restricted spaces such as for activities to be carried out on roads (public lighting) or in outdoor pruning. With stabilisation reduced to the right or left, the platform allow to operate in the center of the road, or at public areas or condominium and in congested spaces. The working area in the narrow jacking configuration  (without horizontal emission of the stabilisers, in a minimum footprint on the roadway <2,1 m) has the maximum capacity of 300 kg and the maximum outreach also in the rear portion of the platform, with a radius ranging from 40° to the left and 40° to the right.  The machine actually is able to work with full extension of the arm and with 300 kg capacity in a limited arc while being completely in shape. For the remaining area (280°), always with narrow stabilisation, the capacity reaches 120 kg with 5,5 m of outreach.

In the picture: from left, Mrs Paola Perini (owner of Vento Noleggi), Alessandro Maschera (CTE area manager), and Roberto Carbonera (owner of Vento Noleggi).

Source: Marketing Dept. CTE Spa