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VENTOR 4150: 4 Rows, 15 Tonnes and 530 HP

GRIMME will present their brand new 4-row self-propelled VENTOR 4150 potato harvester on the Agritechnica 2017, complete with a 15 tonne unloading bunker. The crucial element of this 530 hp harvester is the integration of the well proven


"SE-principle" - a combined separating device, consisting of conveying, lifting and sieving webs, including the separation of vines and weed by a wide-meshed deviner web. This principle is nowadays standard for both 1-row and 2-row potato harvesters. However fitting this technology into 4-row harvesters has never previously been successful due to technological barriers.

Pure Performance

The VENTOR 4150 is the first road legal self-propelled 4-row potato harvester to be fitted with the SE system, which doubles productivity when compared to a 2 row harvester. This was made possible by dividing the crop flow into two main-lines throughout the whole machine. An innovative folding mechanism of the two hedgehog web - separators, which are mounted on both sides, reduced the width of the machine so that it could meet road-going specifications.

Looking at the front part of the machine, the VENTOR 4150 shows its advantages. The integration of the SE-principle allows a fuel saving digging without use of a haulm topper. There are no wheels in front of the intake unit which may lead to soil compaction, cluds or damaged potatoes. It enables digging straight away, even for opening a new field. Thanks to TerraFloat the crop is perfectly distributed on the first main web allowing for optimal sieving. Speedtronic automatically adjusts the speed of the separating devices, lightening the operators workload and allowing for more concentration on other areas of the machine. After passing through the separators the potatoes can be inspected by up to 3 people on the inspection platform. The remaining crop then passes through and ends up in the 15 tonne bunker.

Soil and Crop protection

Even the chassis of the VENTOR 4150 has several benefits.  A wheel system with "crab steering" and large flotation tyres (front: 900/70 R32, back: 900/60 R38) enables a low-impact travel on the field: The machine covers the entire surface in an even way. Despite the "crab steering", the patented sieving system ensures a smooth and regular transition between the first and second main webs.

With an inner turning circle of only 6.1 meters, the VENTOR is much more manoeuvrable than any tractor implement combination. Automatic axle self-centre steering and automatic levelling are standard.

Outstanding Comfort

The operator has an excellent view of the front of the machine from the comfortable cab, and has all the functions of the machine at his ease thanks to the advanced operation concept "ErgoDrive". The new operator terminal CCI 1200, with a 12.1 inch screen, and the new interactive interface GDI gives the operator a perfect overview of the machines operations and performance. The Visual Protect camera system, coming home function, MemoryControl for the viewing and saving of harvest parameters and an autopilot-system all come as standard.

Keeping everything in sight

The VENTOR is fitted with the new digital ProCam video surveillance system as standard, which is made up of two high quality wide lens cameras as well as a high resolution monitor with split screen function. The traditional systems give the driver a view to the rear of the machine but not to the side areas. As a result this could pose a danger to people stood in those areas, as well as there being a greater chance of the machine being damaged by objects such as trees. Despite the size of the machine, ProCam gives the driver an unobscured 360° view with no blind spots whatsoever.

The VENTOR 4150 will make its debut at the 2017 Agritechnica and will be available to buy for the 2018 season.

Source: GRIMME Landmaschinenfabrik GmbH & Co. KG