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Volvo Construction Equipment and Portable Electric unveil game-changing PU130 mobile battery energy storage system with first-of-its-kind 48-volt DC Fast Charging capability

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Introducing the @volvocena PU130

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  • Volvo Construction Equipment and Portable Electric have introduced the PU130 mobile battery energy storage system.

  • The PU130 features a 48-volt Direct Current Fast Charging (DCFC) technology, enabling rapid recharging of electrified construction equipment.

  • It provides a 20 kW charge rate for equipment and 40 kW of job site power for tools, lighting, and office trailers.

  • The PU130 integrates with Neuron OS for remote monitoring, real-time data, analytics, and GPS tracking.

  • Ray Gallant of Volvo CE and Keith Marett of Portable Electric highlighted the PU130's role in promoting sustainable construction practices.

  • The PU130 will be showcased at the Volvo booth at the ACT Expo, demonstrating its impact on the construction industry.

In a landmark collaboration aimed at revolutionizing the construction industry’s approach to off-grid electric equipment charging, Volvo Construction Equipment (Volvo CE) and Portable Electric are proud to introduce the PU130. This groundbreaking mobile charging unit, designed, engineered, and built by Portable Electric, enables rapid recharging of electrified construction equipment, which significantly reduces downtime and increases job site productivity.


With Portable Electric’s proprietary 48-Volt Direct Current Fast Charging (DCFC) technology integrated, the PU130 offers unparalleled advantages for construction sites by providing the ability to rapidly recharge equipment over a lunch break, which enables users to service a full workday and beyond. In addition to recharging electrified construction equipment at a 20 kW charge rate, the PU130 can simultaneously provide 40 kW of job site power to support tools, lighting, office trailers, and more. Moreover, the PU130 seamlessly hybridizes with other power generation systems for extended power, ensuring continuous operation with minimal environmental impact. As with all power and charging solutions from Portable Electric, the PU130 offers seamless connectivity with Neuron OS for remote monitoring. With real-time data, analytics, and GPS tracking, users can remotely monitor the PU130’s performance, optimize charging schedules, and ensure maximum efficiency. This connectivity feature further enhances job site productivity and allows for proactive maintenance, maximizing uptime.

Volvo PU130 Quick Specs:

  • AC Output: 40 kW

  • Low Voltage DC Fast Charging: 20 kW

  • Storage Capacity: 130 kWh

  • Neuron OS enabled wireless monitoring platform for real-time data, analytics, and GPS

Ray Gallant, Vice President of Volvo Construction Equipment, expressed his enthusiasm for adding the PU130 to Volvo’s product offerings, stating, “The PU130 represents a significant milestone in our journey towards sustainable construction practices. By partnering with Portable Electric, we are delivering cutting-edge solutions that exceed our customers’ expectations.”

Keith Marett, CEO of Portable Electric, echoed Gallant’s sentiments, remarking, “We are incredibly proud to partner with Volvo Construction Equipment in bringing the PU130 to market. This first-of-its-kind unit is a testament to our team’s dedication in helping reduce the use of carbon-intensive fuels at construction sites worldwide. By removing a key barrier of adoption, electrified equipment users can now reduce their downtime and increase their productivity through our rapid recharging technology.”

Experience the future of off-grid power solutions firsthand at the Volvo booth at ACT Expo. Learn how the PU130 is reshaping the construction industry and discover the possibilities of sustainable, efficient charging solutions.

Source: Portable Electric