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W&F Franke of Schwerin adds an »ALLROUNDER« STN-L 3 to its fleet

Any company that wants to consolidate its position on today’s highly competitive forwarding market, especially in the field of heavy haulage, must always be flexible and up to date in terms of equipment. That is why W&F Franke Schwerlast Internationale Spedition GmbH of Schwerin, Germany is investing in a Goldhofer »ALLROUNDER« STN-L 3.

For the company – a specialist in the transportation of mobile construction machinery, tracked vehicles and agricultural machinery – Goldhofer’s unique low-loader offers enormous advantages. The decisive factor for the choice of vehicle was its outstanding versatility. The simple and fast load securing system also delivers significant time savings for much greater efficiency and lower operating costs.

Goldhofer’s STN-L 3 has many other features that make it attractive for W&F Franke and other heavy-haulage companies:

  •  Low deadweight for higher payloads

  •  Automatic load-sensing lift axle for a longer tire life

  • Wheel and excavator recesses for reduced overall height

  •  Full lashing system for safe transportation of a wide range of cargoes

  •  Integrated ramp lock for greater efficiency

  •  Intelligent design and manufacturing for lower capital outlay

All that makes ownership of this future-oriented low-loader an attractive proposition for small companies, too.

Source: Goldhofer