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Wasp releases the open source software to realize bespoke masks

MY FACE MASK ADD-ON BLENDER 2.82 has been developed thanks to the collaboration with Alessandro Zomparelli


WASP's activity continues its fight against Covid-19. Now the 3D- printing of MY FACE MASK, the custom-made protective mask, has become more precise, faster, easier and reachable by everyone. Professor Alessandro Zomparelli, together with the WASP team, has recently developed an open source modeling software starting from the face scanning: MY FACE MASK ADD-ON BLENDER 2.82..

After studying and designing the masks in a few days, the tests and the experiments are continuing in a feverish  pace in order to obtain an increasingly reliable protective instrument, intended in particular for those who are most exposed to the risks of infection. It was also very important to make it even easier and faster to be made. Today MY FACE MASK is a mask that can be easily and quickly replicated by anyone who owns  a WASP-3D printer, starting from scanning their face with a mobile phone and using MY FACE MASK ADD-ON BLENDER 2.82.

The entire modeling process has been designed to guide the user step by step up to the finished object, offering  in a second phase, operational freedom thanks to the complete set of Blender commands. For example, it is possible to automatically adapt the mask to the face, or further improve the adhesion near the nose. Furthermore, a function has been introduced to be able to write on the template, so that it can be distinguished in the production phase.

As previously announced, MY FACE MASK faithfully follows the face-features of  each user. It’s not only comfortable to wear, it also avoids any side nuisances such as small irritations, fogging glasses, etc.. It can be washed and sterilized several times. An interchangeable filter must be inserted in the central part. In recent days the characteristics of different materials have been tested several times and today WASP has chosen a special medical grade TPE that can be used in contact with the skin.

After printing the first masks for its employees, WASP soon has begun to respond to the pressing and urgent requests that came from those operators who are mostly in the front line and that  are facing a greater risk of contracting Covid-19: local police, administrators, people who are always in contact with the public such as supermarket employees. Production is guaranteed thanks to the Delta WASP 4070 Industrial 4.0, specific device for  the printing of materials and products for the medical sector too

In this emergency phase WASP prints and distributes for free MY FACE MASK which is a connection between face and filter, a junction element perfectly adhering to the face with interchangeable filter by the user. The path to be able to certify the masks as a means of personal protection has however been started and the collaboration of some filter manufacturers is essential. The prospect is that MY FACE MASK becomes a commercial product available to companies and workers.

WASP is able to respond so quickly to the Covid-19 emergency because the Medical /Health section is among the research areas that have always been developed in WASP. In fact  WASP Med, born in 2014, is a multidisciplinary team that brings together doctors, bioengineers, orthopedic technicians, material experts and designers with the aim of applying 3D printing in the medical field. Thanks to this collective intelligence, WASP Med through digital manufacturing, develops solutions to be inserted within highly specialized contexts, or suitable for providing answers in extreme contexts such as developing countries, humanitarian emergencies, space exploration. WASP, the company with a social soul,  has always been active in emergency situations such as in Syria, where they have given for free a Digital Orthopedic Laboratory (composed by a set of WASP 3D printers) to the University of Damascus. This device is being used to give relief to hundreds of the country's mutilated people (approximately 50,000).

Professor Alessandro Zomparelli is Computational Designer and Professor of Architectural Design at the University of Bologna. His research has been published and presented in international conferences such as eCAADe (Prague) and ACADIA (San Francisco).


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Source: WASP c/o CSP s.r.l.