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Weekly overview 1.11.-5.11. 2021

Weekly overview 1.11.-5.11. 2021
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Weekly overview 1.11.-5.11. 2021

IMAGE SOURCE: Manitowoc; Volvo Construction Equipment Germany GmbH; PÖTTINGER Landtechnik GmbH; TOBROCO-GIANT; COMANSA; JCB Press Office; Morbark

Mastenbroek: Water management is the key to optimal crop growth

Mastenbroek Interview in the DigiMessenger #7 <br>Image source: LECTURA GmbH


Mastenbroek is a UK manufacturer of drainage trenchers and plows. Christopher Pett, General Manager Mastenbroek, shared his insights with Patrik Eder about the advantages of drainage solutions  for farmers, the company’s presentation on the European market and goals for the future. Read more on page 32 >>

Grove presents two new five-axle all-terrain cranes at customer events in Wilhelmshaven

Grove GMK5120L <br> Image source: Manitowoc

In September and October, customers from all over Europe travelled to Northern Germany to be part of Grove’s all-terrain crane events. They also witnessed the launch of two game-changing all-terrain cranes – the Grove GMK5120L and the Grove GMK5150XL. Read more >>

Meet Volvo prototype LX03 the intelligent future of construction

The LX03 with its unique scissor frame. <br> Image source: Volvo Construction Equipment Germany GmbH

This fully autonomous, battery-electric prototype by Volvo Construction Equipment (Volvo CE) is the first real-world example of a self-learning concept wheel loader with the brains to make decisions, perform tasks, and interact with humans. Read more >>

SERVO T 6000: the new Pöttinger plough

The strong frame construction of the SERVO T 6000 delivers impressive performance in all operating conditions.The strong frame construction of the SERVO T 6000 delivers impressive performance in all operating conditions.<br>IMAGE SOURCE: PÖTTINGER Landtechnik GmbH

The plough plays a major role in modern arable farming. On no other machine is the bandwidth of individual requirements - dictated by widely varying soil conditions worldwide - as varied as for the plough. Pöttinger, the arable farming specialist, is equipped for the future with the new generation of semi-mounted ploughs: The SERVO T 6000 is the result...Read more >>

Versatile and reliable for many years

After 12,000 hours the GIANT V6004T is succeeded by a GIANT G3500<br>IMAGE SOURCE: TOBROCO-GIANT

The family business K.I. SAMEN, located in Grashoek, the Netherlands, has replaced its old served and reliable GIANT V6004T with a new G3500. The G3500 offers proven quality, versatility and agility combined with newest technical standards and environmental friendliness. Read more >>

Comansa overcomes the logistical challenges of an historic project for the Indian railway

A Comansa 21CM550 tower crane is working on the construction of the first cable-stayed railway bridge in India.<br>IMAGE SOURCE: COMANSA

A Comansa 21CM550 tower crane is working on the construction of the first cable-stayed railway bridge in India, which is considered an engineering wonder. Read more >>

SRX HYBRID (102 HP): CONCEPT is born, with ACHybrid technology

SRX HYBRID (102 HP): CONCEPT is born, with ACHybrid technology<br>IMAGE SOURCE: Antonio Carraro

Antonio Carraro S.p.A, a world leader in compact tractors for specialised agriculture, takes innovation to the next step, unveiling the first CONCEPT compact tractor with hybrid electric drive system at EIMA 2021. Read more >>

Hat-Trick for JCB as Hydrogen Engine wins Top Award

Hat-Trick for JCB as Hydrogen Engine wins Top Award<br>IMAGE SOURCE: JCB Press Office

JCB’s super-efficient hydrogen engine has won one of the oldest and most prestigious awards in British automotive engineering honouring technical achievement. At a ceremony in London, JCB Chairman Lord Bamford was presented with the Royal Automobile Club’s Dewar Trophy for the company’s development of a hydrogen fuel motor. Read more >>

Two new telehandler models by Kramer

Two new telehandler models by Kramer<br>IMAGE SOURCE: Kramer-Werke GmbH

Kramer-Werke GmbH unveils two new telehandler models. The telehandler range now includes 12 models with stacking heights ranging from 4.30 to 9.50 metres. Both of the new models, the 1445 - a compact telescopic - and the 3610 - an all-rounder with a 9.50 metre stacking height...Read more >>

Morbark Introduces New Rayco 4000AWL Articulated Wheel Loader

Rayco 4000AWL Articulated Wheel Loader<br>IMAGE SOURCE: Morbark

Morbark, LLC, debuted the Rayco 4000AWL Articulated Wheel Loader at the TCI Expo in Indianapolis, IN. The company also offered an overview of additional equipment within the Morbark, Boxer, Denis Cimaf, and Rayco brands that complement the equipment needs of tree care professionals. Read more >>

TT4.80 tractor donation to Burkina Faso

New Holland Agriculture TT4.80<br>IMAGE SOURCE: New Holland Agriculture

New Holland Agriculture have donated a tractor to Diocese de Diebougou, an institution in Burkina Faso through Cane International B.V. for student’s technical trainings, studies and research in the field of agriculture in the territory. Read more >>


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