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Yanmar expands mini-excavator portfolio with ViO23-6

Equipped with a variable chassis, the new 2.3 ton mini-excavator with zero offset is a perfect balance between reduced power consumption, increased comfort and safety in an extremely compact package.



The new ViO23-6 is a real mini-excavator with zero offset: the counterweights will not protrude even when the chassis is closed, and the front parts of the turrets also do not extend beyond the width of the tracks. Its rotation radius of only 1380 mm enables operators to work in very narrow spaces where conventional machines cannot manoeuvre, particularly in urban areas.

The standard ViO23-6 is equipped with a variable-track chassis that can be extended from 1380 mm to 1550 mm. Combined with optimal weight distribution, this provides the equipment with excellent stability and very high lifting capacity for its category. An additional counterweight is also available as an option to enable bearing heavier attachments and to increase its versatility. This compactness of the lower chassis and its transport weight of only 2365 kg (with cabin, standard counterweights, and standard arm) enable the ViO23-6 to be transported with its accessories on a trailer.


The ViO23-6 is equipped with a direct injection 3-cylinder motor and is controlled electronically with a gross power of 14.6 kW at 2400 rpm. The Yanmar 3TNV76-PBV1 engine from the new generation of Yanmar engines is the result of our ongoing efforts to achieve technological progress in fuel consumption and emissions. The auto deceleration system and the eco-mode are available standard.

The ViO23-6 is also equipped with a ViPPS (ViO Progressive 3-Pump System) hydraulic system that uses 4 hydraulic pumps, 2 variable displacement pumps, and 2 gear pumps (including one for the joysticks). In order to complement the system, Yanmar uses a distributor based on the ViPPS principle, which accumulates the flow of different pumps to obtain the optimal combination of speed, power, easy fluid flow, and balance in order to enable the performance of all hydraulic operations simultaneously, even during travel, thus offering the ultimate working tool.

These different elements enable the ViO23-6 to deliver exceptional performance for an equipment in this category. Its digging depth of 2450 mm (with standard arm) and its excavation force of 17.5 kN (bucket) and 13.1 kN (standard arm) enables it to work quickly and effectively in the most extreme conditions.


With more legroom, the new cabin design improves operator comfort and safety. Due to an ergonomic arrangement, the control levers and joysticks are placed in ideal locations for easy access and for performing movements with exceptional accuracy.

The ViO23-6 has unique and complete protection for all its boom and arm cylinders. All the cylinder tubes and rods are protected by a highly elastic steel plate, which greatly reduces the TCO of the machine.

It is easy to carry out daily maintenance due to the rear and lateral covers that are easy to open and allow access to all the main parts.

Source: Yanmar Construction Equipment Europe (CEE)