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ZainoMotore makes your Mini-excavator Hybrid

ZainoMotore is an accessory to be applied to 1.1-2.0-ton mini-excavators, which are turned into “HYBRIDS”; in fact, in addition to their normal use by diesel power, they operate with 400V mains, prior operator’s selection aboard the machine.

ZainoMotore can be fitted onto mini-excavators of any brand name, either NEW or SECOND HAND.

The main advantage of ZainoMotore is that mini-excavators can work without causing any air and acoustic pollution.

The mini-excavator equipped with ZainoMotore increases profitability since it expands its application area: industrial sheds, indoors in general, historical centers where “smoke” and “noises” are not (or should not be) tolerated; ZainoMotore allows the owner of the mini-excavator to use it more extensively.

Here are some suggestions about places where you can use the mini-excavators fitted with ZainoMotore:

• inside any industrial sheds;

• inside any building;

• railway and bus stations;

• underground lines;

• historical centers;

• hospitals;

• schools;

• palaces and historical monuments;

• tunnels and mines;

• other places where air and noise pollution is not allowed.

Source: ZainoMotore