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Zebra Technologies and Digital Defence make it easier to protect mobile applications with RhoMobile

Digital Defence’s new RhoMobile SDK provides a cross-platform encryption extension to RhoMobile Suite that is available to RhoMobile developers through an annual license.


  • RhoMobile Suite is a set of development tools for creating data-centric, cross-platform, native mobile applications.

  • The high-security SDK is based on a FIPS 140-2 certified encryption module, which is necessary for applications developed for government use.

  • With the SDK, independent software vendors (ISVs) developing solutions using the secure RhoMobile app development framework can efficiently provide encryption key management, generation, and storage within their applications and build solutions that work on any operating system or device.

  • File and string encryption allow developers to choose to encrypt only the sensitive data before writing it to the standard RhoMobile database.

  • Zebra acquired Motorola Solutions’ Enterprise business – including RhoMobile - in October 2014.


Mark Kirstein, senior director, Enterprise Software, Zebra Technologies

“As costly data breaches on mobile devices continue to make headlines, the need to effectively develop secure applications becomes critical for businesses, government agencies and healthcare organizations. The Digital Defence RhoMobile SDK combines encryption and authentication security with the latest enterprise app development tools for a truly integrated mobile solution that will enable developers to write their enterprise-class apps once and run them anywhere.”