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Zoomlion Debuts Products Featuring New Visual Identity in Hong Kong

A product promotion event was recently held at the Hong Kong office of the Zoomlion Overseas Branch Company, where Zoomlion debuted the new ZAT1500 all-terrain crane and ZTC650 truck crane, both of which feature the company's new colors. These new products have been designed by Zoomlion's Mobile Crane Division with Hong Kong customers in mind. It is the first time that Zoomlion has exhibited them in the Hong Kong-Taiwan region since it presented its new VI at the Milan World Expo, and the new combinations of aurora green , gravel gray, and cobalt gray have attracted the attention of customers. The Zoomlion ZAT1500V is a 150-ton, five-axle all-terrain crane with a seven-section boom, and it has the longest main boom, largest lifting capacity, and highest lifting height of any domestic all-terrain crane in its tonnage level. Its mature and reliable configuration has given it excellent mobility and keeps maintenance and operating costs low. The high-performance and highly reliable ZTC650 truck crane is the result of many years of experience of designing and manufacturing mobile cranes combined with international advanced technology. The ZTC650 has a highly concentrated electro-hydraulic system and integrates some of the technology from the all-terrain crane. Its superior handling, excellent inching function, enormous lifting capacity, and exceptional lifting height are highly suited to the high quality requirements of overseas construction sites. 

Zoomlion Hoisting Machinery Branch Company and Mobile Crane Branch Company held the promotional event to work together with Hong Kong and Taiwan agents to improve awareness and recognition of Zoomlion products among customers in the region and further expand the company's presence in the Asian crane market.

Source: Zoomlion