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Zoomlion’s Brand-New Coated Products Debut at Bauma 2016 in Germany

Zoomlion will lead its CIFA, M-TEC and RAXTAR to take part in Bauma 2016 in Germany with 38 exhibits including concrete machinery, tower cranes, truck cranes, lifters, dry mixed mortar equipment and forklifts. Paint-coated in “Aurora Green, Gravel Grey and Cosmic Gray”, these star products with new visual design will make a debut at the international construction machinery exhibition. They will certainly arouse great attentions and echoes.

The design and activities of Zoomlion on the exhibition site are arranged in line with the theme – “Build for Sustainable Better Lives”. Zoomlion’s booth is No. FS.905/2, with an exhibition space of 3,840 square meters. The booth design adopts Zoomlion’s new standard VI to show its concept of “green and intelligent manufacture". The booth layout fully demonstrates the close strategic relationship between Zoomlion Group’s brands and its sub-brands, and highlights the implementation of its overseas strategy of “focus, integration and localization”.

The exhibits also fully highlight and respond to Zoomlion’s overseas strategy of “focus, integration and localization”, greatly satisfying European customers' needs and favors in terms of product performance, technological innovation and appearance. One of them is K45H concrete pump truck which adopts CIFA’s popular carbon technology. It has a 5-section, 45-meter-long distributor boom. The last two sections of the boom are made of carbon fibre, much lighter and durable than steel. Therefore, it can be installed on small truck; and the two combined will weigh less than 32 tons. The total height will approach 45 meters when the distributor boom is in a vertical position.

As the exclusive plug-in hybrid concrete mixer in the world, the green hybrid mixer in the ENERGYA series is powered by both electricity and diesel oil, practical and efficient. It integrates the cutting-edge technology and the concept of sustainable development creatively.

The forklift looks simple. FB25H’s counterweight and side cover feature plump and dynamic design and a 12° belt line dividing the counter weight into upper and lower layers, with the “ZOOMLION” mark on the upper layer. In addition, two vertical ridge lines rid it of the common bloated feeling, and its belt line transits smoothly to the lower section of the side cover. The Aurora green coating adds dynamic feeling to the whole vehicle.

Truck crane ZTF600 rough-terrain wheeled crane is a product out of strategic cooperation with MAZ. Variable main pump, with high volume efficiency, can supply power for the crane in accordance with actual demands, thus saving energy and reducing the heating of hydraulic system greatly. The key components have undergone tens of thousands of reliability tests before delivery. The crane operations can be performed stably with high efficiency. Standard 4 axle Maz chassis from Belarus, powered by one engine 24V voltage. Other engines may be optional. Safety devices are available such as load moment limiter, operating mode monitoring etc. 

The ZRX series of construction elevators is mainly used for the construction and interior and exterior finishes of high-rise buildings and the construction and maintenance of bridges and chimneys and so on. It boasts efficient and energy-saving drive system, smart version HLC, elite console, remote management system, frequency conversion control and automatic leveling, thus being energy efficient, safe and reliable.

T8030-25 flat-top tower crane is an efficient and intelligent product specially developed by Zoomlion for high-end market, with supreme lifting capacity and work performance. With the maximum hoisting capacity of 25 tons, it has a wide range of choices in boom length from 40 to 80 meters. It is equipped with smart fault diagnosis system which facilitates maintenance, stable and safe frequency conversion control in lifting and luffing, and rapid and steady HVV control in gyration. The whole tower body is linked with pin rolls with reasonable stress, thus being more secure and stable. It features smooth installation and easy daily maintenance.

At the FS.905/2 of German Bauma Trade Fair in April 11-17, 2016, Zoomlion will wait for you to enjoy the charming products.

Source: Zoomlion