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Munich Central Station: Wacker Neuson zero emission construction site

Renovation of the Munich train station is a real, large construction site. Directly below the platforms, the underground foundations have been reinforced with the installation of pile head beams. Challenges for these works were the lack of fresh-air supply in the tunnel, the confined spaces, and the movement of people just a few meters from the construction site. The Wacker Neuson zero emission range stood the test. It was also possible to save both time and money as expensive and complex ventilations systems were not required. Two battery-powered, electric tracked mini-excavators EZ17e, were continuously used for the demolition applications and the movement of materials. Within the tightest space the machines had to move 600 cubic meters of material. Due to its compact design without a rear overhang, the EZ17e mini-excavator is ideally suited for such work and, in doing so, provides the same power as its fuel-powered counterpart. The work environment for all present workers and operators is therefore more pleasant as both direct exhaust emissions and noises are reduced to a minimum. The battery-powered telehandler TH412e has been used for the transport of materials. Due to its compact design, it is ideally suited to work indoors. The narrow passageways in the underground of the train station did not present a problem for the compact TH412e with dimensions of under two by two meters. For compaction in trenches the battery-powered AS62e rammer and the reversible vibratory plate APU3050e were used. The user-friendliness and the mileage for a whole working day are impressive on the construction site. Both the battery-powered AS62e and vibratory plate APU3050e, as well as the modular battery-powered internal vibrator ACBe, which were applied parallel to the ground compaction, are powered by the Battery One battery, which can be switched between the products both quickly and easily. More information at Wacker Neuson is proud to be a global brand. Not all products, configurations or services shown here may be available in your market. Stay informed: Subscribe to the official YouTube channel of Wacker Neuson directly with the red button below the video! Read full article

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