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Agricultural machinery subsidy landing, Industry 4.0 re-policy support

Machinery industry as a whole point: in 2015 we are optimistic about the three main investment: the reform of dividends (state-owned enterprises, land reform, low altitude), upgrade (robotics, automation), high-end outlet (rail, nuclear power).


Recommend: JAC power, Kodak clean energy, Sichuan Jiuzhou, Jin Ming Seiki, Haida shares control of the sea, star technology, the South Pump, Gold shares, CCAC electromechanical, Sen far shares, Rainbird shares, Yong expensive appliances, robotics, Zoomlion, XCMG, Yoshimine agricultural, Huaguang shares, Ji Yi Technology, Jerry shares.

Agricultural machinery: Department of Agriculture and the Ministry of Finance jointly issued the "2015-2017 agricultural machinery purchase subsidy implementation guidance," re-development of the industry policy support. Land transfer will accelerate agricultural industry has brought four major changes: mechanization rate increase, agricultural structural change (farm size, features), agricultural finance and agricultural information (agricultural electromechanical providers) acceleration. Recommended Jianghuai Engine, Yoshimine agricultural.

Robotics and Automation: Ministry issued "two deep integration of raw material industry promotion plan (2015-2018)", leading enterprises usher in a historic opportunity for development. Industrialization, information technology industry were 3.0, 4.0 core content industry, promote two of the depth of integration is based on the existing through the use of industrial robots, the Internet industry, big data, sensors, cloud computing and other technologies to further enhance the automation of production processes , digital, intelligent. Recommend Hyderabad control, star technology, robotics.

General aviation: trade policy to promote the continuous acceleration: 1) A military statement altitude airspace reform started, "the use of low-altitude airspace management regulations" has been finalized; 2) the revised "general aviation business license regulations," forthcoming. Sichuan Jiuzhou optimistic, Weihai Guangtai, Hongdu Aviation.

Huge railway equipment began to equip global, signal systems and other key components of domestic outlook: railway equipment. Optimistic about the north-south car, Hyde shares, CCAC mechanical, electrical YG.

Engineering Machinery: SOE reform + "along the way" push up the industry boom, recommend Xugong, Zoomlion.

Energy equipment and oil services: international oil prices or cause domestic oil service reform speed, attention Rich Reiter installed.

Nuclear equipment: Nuclear Investment restart, and is expected to export, recommend Dan Fu shares, Jiangsu supernatural powers.

Environmental protection equipment: 15 years is expected to continue the introduction of various environmental policies, promising South Pump profit model optimization.

Road Maintenance: Privatization good road maintenance Sen far shares, rental binding modes cause explosive growth performance.

Macro and Industry News

1) New Year's first month approved infrastructure projects over billions, focusing on the transport sector; 2) China's major railway and nuclear power equipment at sea eligible policy support; 3) organization expects new credit scale over 10 trillion yuan.