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Multifarmer and Turbofarmer


Hannover 10-16 November


We are on the threshold of the AGRITECHNICA (10-16 November) trade fair in HANNOVER, an event which is set to be filled with important content for the Merlo Group, above all based on the numerous product innovations that will be presented during the exhibition.

At the Merlo booth there will be numerous innovations for the German and international market: the new TURBOFARMER 65.9CS, the MULTIFARMER 34.9, the new Panoramic 25.6 powered by Stage V engine and the new models in the CINGO range.


The ability to adapt to the different conditions of use and the versatility in many applications has been the fundamental characteristic, from the very beginning, of the Turbofarmer range, both in the applications of the agricultural field and in the construction and industrial applications.

Maintaining this philosophy, Merlo has decided to develop a new model able to condense the most recent customer requests related to application such as managing high lifting capacities while maintaining unparalleled manageability and ease of use.

Today MERLO presents the New Turbofarmer TF65.9 which contains a concentration of innovation both in terms of design and content.

The new construction layout that integrates innovative technical solutions will be the basis on which future models will be developed that will enjoy significant benefits in terms of performance, efficiency, reliability and reduced maintenance time, ensuring levels of safety at the top of the market.

The winning points


Not only sensations, but real safety thanks to the leveling system, which allows correcting the lateral inclinations up to 11 ° in order to lift the load vertically; and the advanced load management system - ASCS - as standard. In addition, FOPS certified cabins - Level II - and ROPS.


Nothing is feasible / Nothing is unattainable, with the new 170 HP engine, the generous hydraulic system - Load Sensing and Flow Sharing - capable of delivering over 160 l / min and the latest generation continuously variable transmission, MCVTronic, this machine is capable to complete every type of work in the industrial and agricultural field.


The best workplace, the new cab is equipped with the patented damping system that drastically reduces vibrations and noise, its generous size guarantees maximum comfort and maximum visibility for all operators. The tac-lock system for the hydraulic locking of the tools allows to further improve the operating comfort.


Conceived to last, the structure of the machine has been designed to last over time, the telescopic boom is able to offer maximum precision in movements even with high loads, the axles are able to guarantee traction and efficiency even in the most uneven terrain. completion of all a 7 cm "steel belt" is able to protect the entire structure from possible impacts.


Fully compatible, with the wide choice of equipment designed specifically for Merlo telehandlers and interfaced with the exclusive automatic recognition system, it allows the TURBOFARMER to operate in multiple situations even the most demanding, increasing its versatility.


Simpler and smarter, this machine is equipped with an Eco Power Drive - EPD electronically controlled hydrostatic transmission - which reduces engine rpm where high power is not required, implementing additional features such as Speed ​​Control and automatic RPM adjustment in function at the required hydraulic power with maximum fuel consumption.


Merlo presents at Agritechnica the new capacitive joystick developed to meet the demands of the agricultural sector.

This solution improves the ergonomics of the controls, reduces operator fatigue and increases daily productivity.

The joystick integrates the control of the operating functions of the machine with those for the management of the transmission.

Two integrated sensors automatically detect the presence of the operator's hand, making use comfortable, simple and intuitive. In the front part there are the proportional controls of the boom (extraction / retraction, auxiliary functions, neutral gear). In the rear there is a gear selector which allows the operator to maneuver quickly and safely. The "reverse" direction control is also replicated to the left of the steering column.

The movements of the joystick (transversal and longitudinal) allow the implementation of the boom movement functions (lifting / lowering, carriage rotation).


Merlo was the first company on the market to create and patent the concept of a tactor with telescopic boom. Merlo now carries out the commercial launch of the telescopic Multifarmer 34.7, 34.9 models equipped with a telescopic boom with 3.4 tons capacity, and maximum working heights of 7 and 9 m.

The MF34.7 and MF34.9 models stand out for their compact dimensions that represent the maximum expression of versatility, combining the performance of a telehandler with those of an agricultural tractor.

The exclusive high visibility suspended cab allows you to operate in the most diversified conditions while maintaining the highest standards of comfort, ergonomics and safety.

The rear electronically-controlled PTO, combined with the CAT2 three-point linkage with a lifting capacity of 3000 kg, allow the operation of multiple attachments, making it a real all-rounder for farms.

The MF34.7 and MF34.9 models are also equipped with the anti-tipping system M CDC (Dynamic Load Control) and 136 HP engines managed by the EPD system which allows a reduction in diesel consumption.

telescopic Multifarmer 34.9

The winning points

BSS - hydropneumatic suspension of the boom (opt)

M CVTronic transmission. From 0 to 40 km / h without torque interruption

3-point linkage 3000 kg with quick couplers

PTO, mechanical coupling with electronic management

Hydraulic distributors, managed by the cabin and quick coupler rear outlets

Rear differential lock


The new Multifarmers are equipped with an innovative cabin created to guarantee customers a record level of comfort, thanks to a wide space and a glass surface unique in the category.

  • The largest cab in the category: 1010 mm of useful internal width and a 4.3 m2 glazed surface that guarantee unparalleled visibility

  • New standard modular cab: pressurized (compliant with ISO 10263-3)

  • Structure in line with the international standards ROPS and FOPS level II

  • Steering wheel reverser control: intuitive and easy to use, it allows quick maneuvers while maintaining full control of the steering wheel

  • High visibility canopy allows direct control of both the arm and the load

  • 180 ° opening door with independent upper window: air exchange, visibility and direct contact with the outside.

This new range joins the Heavy Duty range of the exclusive Multifarmer family, completing it and thus creating a complete offer for all users who need a compact, performing and extremely versatile machine.

Engine and transmission

The Merlo engineers have adopted for the Multifarmer ranges, technologically advanced diesel engines, advanced hydrostatic transmissions and axles equipped with dry disc brakes that contribute to reducing power absorption. Diesel / transmission engine management is managed electronically to optimize performance and minimize energy expenditure.

  • The Multifarmer range is equipped with a Tier 4 Final engine: Deutz 4-cylinder / 3.6-liter 100kW / 136CV.

  • Merlo telescopic handlers are equipped with hydrostatic transmissions able to guarantee greater precision, greater safety and ease of use.

  • EPD Top is equipped with the "Speed ​​control" button that allows you to memorize the speed of movement of the machine and keep it constant. The "Heavy Load" function, designed for heavy use, allows the machine to deliver more power.

  • When working with the PTO, the potentiometer allows setting the number of revolutions corresponding to the tool used (540/1000). The system keeps the revs within the threshold, guaranteeing a correct rpm for which the tool has been studied, maximizing the performance and productivity of the machine.

  • The self-accelerating joystick is adopted as standard, which allows higher speeds of hydraulic movements of the arm, optimizing performance. The system acts beyond the threshold of 20% of the joystick movements.


Panoramic 27.6 STAGE V

At Agritechnica Merlo presents the updated version to the STAGE V regulations of the reference model in the compact range offers unparalleled handling thanks to its reduced size, but at the same time guarantees greater comfort than other models in its class. This distinctive characteristic stems from the use of a modular cab featured on its predecessors: Turbofarmer, Multifarmer.

The spacious cab is a unique feature, which allow the P27.6 to have the largest cab in the market with unrivalled visibility, comfort and safety.


The TURBOFARMER TF30.9-115 is part of the Compact series that has already been crowned Machine of the Year 2015 for its technological and innovative features, and is a source of inspiration for the development of the Merlo ranges on display at the Agritechnica exhibition. A key feature of the Turbofarmer range is the wide selection of products that allow customers to choose from different versions with exclusive technology to respond to a range of different operational requirements.

The telehandlers of this range are also available in the Low Cab version, which reduces “-10cm” the height of the machine without affecting the size of the cab.


TURBOFARMER TF35.7-115 and TF33.9-115CS

The TF35.7CS-115 and TF 338.10 TT-140 are part of the TURBOFARMER MEDIUM CAPACITY series that has already been awarded Machine of the Year 2014 and 2015 for its technological and innovative features.

Compact size is combined with top class performance; the spacious cab, fitted with exclusive hydro pneumatic “Cab Suspension”, provides unrivalled comfort, visibility and productivity.

A key feature of the Turbofarmer range is the wide selection of products that allow customers to choose from different versions with exclusive technology to respond to a range of different such as the Boom side-shift.

The TF35.7CS-115


The TURBOFARMER 50.8 have been designed to work on the hardest conditions, where performances, but also reduced dimensions really matter.

The great exclusive is to have been able to keep these machines in compact dimensions, increasing the handling and versatility of use.

These models features unique Merlo technologies, which guarantees unrivalled performances, safety and comfort. The 170 HP engine, ensure maximum efficiency and high levels of productivity.


CINGO Tracked carriers

Their multi-purpose and versatile nature are two characteristics that set the Cingo system apart and make them unique in their class.  The design concept of these tracked carriers ensures maximum lateral stability on slopes thanks to the low centre of gravity which, in synergy with the track transmission system, provides more stability on irregular and uneven ground putting less pressure on the ground.

The wide range of models with capacities ranging from 400 kg up to 1200 kg and the patented Merlo quick coupling device, for multi-function ranges, means they can be used in many fields of application.

Source: Merlo SpA

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