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Multi-purpose CINGO tracked carriers

The Cingo multi-purpose series tracked dumpers completes the range of models on display at the trade fair.


Versatility and adaptability are the two key features that set the Cingo system apart, making it unique within its category.

The design concept applied to these multi-purpose Cingo tracked dumpers guarantees maximum transverse stability even in sloping conditions, courtesy of the low centre of gravity, which works in synergy with the track transmission system to ensure improved grip on easily deformed or uneven surfaces, whilst reducing pressure on the ground.

A wide range of models are available, with load capacities ranging from 400 kg up to 1200 kg, while the Multifunction ranges are equipped with the patented Merlo device for quick connection of attachments, enabling these solutions to be used in a wide range of applications

The models displayed during the exhibition are as follows:


The new Cingo M800TD model has been revised and updated with a number of cutting-edge technical solutions, including the 10 HP Honda engine with electric ignition, delivering high performance levels and load capacities of up to 800 kg.

The fully-hydraulic transmission system with lateral gear motors on tracks and integrated parking brake give the machine superb traction performance and maximum control in sloping conditions.

The Cingo M800TD can be fitted with various types of attachment, making it the perfect solution for a wide range of applications. The machines on display at the trade fair will be presented alongside a concrete mixer and a bucket dumper with self-loading bucket.

New Cingo M12.3 Evo

The new Cingo M12.3 is the result of an intensive technical review process, which has led to the design of this new compact multifunctional model, ideal for extremely heavy-duty operations in difficult conditions.

This model is equipped with a 21 HP Kubota engine that guarantees extremely high levels of performance. A new servo-assisted control system has been added to this machine, guaranteeing maximum precision of movements when driving.

The Cingo M12.3 Evo comes with a dual hydraulic pump as standard option - the first of these is dedicated to the hydraulic traction system, while the second manages the hydraulic flow to the service connections. In addition, the ground clearance has been increased, to allow maximum adaptability even in challenging conditions.

New Cingo M3.2TD-E

The NEW Cingo M3.2TD-E electric testifies Merlo’s willingness and ability to make significant steps forward in technologies for reducing pollution and noise.

The NEW Cingo M 3.2 TDE (Electric Transporter Dumper) is the ideal choice for who needs to work in closed environments and wherever the use of machines with thermal engines is precluded, it offers a long working autonomy and high performance. The transmission is made by two hydraulic motors, one for each track.

This solution of high technical profile allows to concentrate the traction effort where necessary without the limitations of grafting and the roughness typical of a traditional mechanical transmission.

Gentle movements, progressive control, full exploitation of power and maximum versatility, here are the predominant features of the Cingo M 3.2 TDE.

Equipment present at the fair

The Tre Emme attachments enhance the versatility for the Merlo telehandlers. They are in fact custom designed for Merlo handlers to increase their potential usage, and at the same work in safety in every fields. In addition, thanks to the exclusive Tack-lock system, it is possible to disconnect and replace the attachment and start working again in an instant, thus maximizing efficiency and profitability.

Below are the new attachments present at the fair and the machines on which they were equipped:

Pipe caliper – P72.10EE

Caliper designed for the safe handling of pipes with diameters from 60 to 700 mm and weight up to 4300 kg.

Wheel manipulator – P120.10

The Merlo wheel manipulator is designed to speed up the maintenance and replacement of large tyres with diameters from 2000 to 4000 m.

Winch 4500 kg – Roto 50.26

The new Merlo winch increases performance while maintaining the highest safety standards.

Source: Merlo Group