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New ROTO range

Back in 1991, Merlo Group presented the first handler with revolving turret, a revolutionary concept that enabled telehandlers to rotate and move material through 360° for the very first time, without having to reposition the machine. This model, which was equipped with 6 stabilisers, provided the basis for the rapid and radical evolution of technologies in this sector, with a single constant throughout this process: Merlo's position as industry leader. Indeed, for more than 25 years, this type of machine has been known all over the world as “the Roto”, and Merlo remains the global leader in this market.


This is the year in which Merlo creates a new milestone with the introduction of the new ROTO telehandlers range, a truly innovative solution based on the new modular design concept with a host of new technological features, which have served to make these machines a continuous point of reference within the sector.

The new Roto rotating turret telehandlers are available in 3 ranges

  • ROTO ENTRY - models with 415° and 600° turret rotation

  • ROTO CLASSIC S - models with 415° and 600° turret rotation

  • Advanced - models with continuous turret rotation

These new product ranges are designed to meet the growing needs of customers, satisfying the requirements expressed by the numerous sectors in which the Roto range is used.

The Roto ranges are provided in three different versions, one of each is dedicated to takle different type of customers.


The new ROTO ENTRY range with 415° and 600° turret rotation has been totally overhauled in terms of comfort, safety and the power train, in order to improve the performance and the usage.

These models are characterised by a simplified ON/OFF stabilisation system with open-close "book" movement, and this function can be activated either automatically or manually.

The new ROTO ENTRY is dedicated to customers renting the machine and to those who require telehandlers that are innovative in terms of use but simple in terms of content and maintenance.


The design and development project for the new Roto range led to the creation of another complete new range, ROTO 600. These new telehandlers represent the link between the Roto ENTRY and the ADVANCED ranges. The new ROTO CLASSIC S range uses the leading technologies and solutions that characterise the other ranges.

These models feature 600° turret rotation, with a lifting capacity up to 4,950 kg and operating heights ranging up to 26 metres.

The new ROTO CLASSIC S is equipped with suspension and , raising the standards even higher in order to meet the increasing demand from customers and from the market.

The new Roto Classic S are equipped with suspension and are further enhanced by the multifunctional display and road speed of 40 km/h, both of which come as standard.


Here, we reach the top of the segment, with the new ROTO Advanced, embodying technology and performance. This range is intended to maintain Merlo's position as leader in the world markets, as well as adding to the prestigious awards already won by the previous Roto ranges.

Among the key features of the new Roto Advanced range are the multi-position stabilisers with automatic control, the advanced safety system, the continuous rotation of the turret and the new modular design cab, which features the exclusive movement system that adjust the tilt up to 20°.

The Advanced range can be equipped with the multi-award winning continuous variable transmission - CVTronic - which ensures an acceleration of 0 - 40km/h without torque interruption and without pausing for the gear change.

The new Roto Advanced range can be used at working heights ranging from 20.8 to 34.2 metres, with load capacities ranging from 4950 kg to 7000 kg for the most high-performance versions.

New ROTO range

The innovative features

The new ROTO telehandlers feature a number of innovative solutions:

  • New modular design

  • New EPD transmission

  • New cab

  • New capacitive joystick and new “smart” armrest

  • New ASCS safety system

New modular design

The modular concept has been closely studied with a view to improve the production process. It allows us to combine modules with different features, reaching a product flexibility which enables us to meet the market growing demands.

The new chassis design further increases its structural strength and weight, which is optimally distributed. This leads to enabling a degree of balance that allows us to be compact in terms of size and high levels in terms of performance, which needs to be maintained. The new power-train module facilitates access to the main components due to the fact that these are positioned on the outside, for unrivalled ease of intervention and maintenance.

New EPD transmission

The entire new ROTO range is equipped with the Merlo hydrostatic transmission, managed by the new EPD ("Eco Power Drive") electronic control system. This exclusive technology automatically reduces the engine revolutions in line with the power required by the transmission, which in turn corresponds with the speed parameters set. The EPD system significantly reduces fuel consumption and delivering best in class performance in the telehandler industry.

New cab

The Roto range now features the new PREMIUM cab, which has already won recognition on the Turbofarmer ranges for its design, comfort and ergonomics.

The new cab is a true embodiment of technology and design, courtesy of the various cutting-edge technical solutions with which it is equipped, such as: The new curved glass windscreen, which increases visibility, and the cab pressurisation system, which complies with ISO 10263-3 standards. In addition, the structure is designed to comply with FOPS Level II regulations in terms of safety.

The surface area of the glass has been increased by 10%, along with the volume of the cab interior, enabling the user to operate in maximum comfort.

The Roto Advanced models are equipped with the exclusive Merlo cab tilting system which enables it to be angled to 20°, allowing the operator to work in maximum comfort even when the boom is fully extended whilst maintaining a high level of concentration on the operations underway.

The new, more ergonomic interiors have been designed with highly intuitive control positioning, allowing the operator to have all of the telehandler functions close to hand on the new joystick and the newly-designed armrest.

Access to the cab has also been significantly improved, with the use of the numerous handles that make it easier to get in and out. The second ladder on the engine side, improves cab accessibility for access even when the turret is rotated to 180°.

New capacitive joystick and new “smart” armrest

The Advanced versions of the Roto are equipped with an electronic capacitive joystick. This is mounted onto a multifunctional armrest integrated with the seat, and sized so as to ensure comfort for all operators.

Two sensors automatically detect the presence of the operator's hand, preventing any erroneous or accidental movements of the joystick whilst making it comfortable and simple to use. On the left side, three buttons allow the operator to select the telehandler travel direction: Forwards - Neutral - Back. These buttons are within easy reach, and are designed for maximum ergonomics. The rotation of the turret is also controlled by a miniature mouse, which allows the command to be operated without moving your hand from the joystick. A further innovation is the new positioning of the machine functional controls, which operate the stabilisers, suspension, etc... These are now integrated into the new armrest and into the new joystick. The operator can now interact with the LCD display directly from the armrest.

ASCS safety system

The innovative features implemented across the new Roto range also extend to safety, with the introduction of the new and exclusive ASCS safety system. This system collects a host of different parameters from the machine, analyses data in real time and creats a load diagram. The system provides a visual representation on the new LCD display of the perimeter of the perimeter of safety operations. This new technology analyses traditional parameters, such as:

  • Load position: extension angle of the boom, turret rotation, carriage rotation.

  • Stabilisers position (ROTO Advanced)

  • Weight of lifted load

  • Attachment in use (recognised automatically)

ROTO cab simulator

One of the most interesting technology item that will be presented at the MERLO stand will be the new ROTO cab dynamic simulator.

The simulator will be open to the public, and visitors will have the opportunity to enjoy a unique experience inside the new ROTO cab, with the chance to directly control the different functions of the telehandler, simulating real working conditions. The new armrest, the new multifunctional lever and the new display will be at full disposal of the operator. All operations will be carried out inside the relaxing surroundings of the new PREMIUM cab, with maximum visibility guaranteed by the exclusive curved glass windscreen.

The experience will also enable visitors to try out the exclusive movement system which enables operators to adapt cabs tilting angle to up to 20°, ensuring continued visibility and keeping operator's attention focused on the procedures being carried out.

Source: Merlo Group