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Alimak Hek introduces two new construction hoists

As part of an ongoing product portfolio expansion, Alimak Hek introduces two new construction hoists that deliver on the Company’s commitment to quality, productivity and safety. The heavy-duty ALIMAK SCANDO 65/32 construction hoist offers outstanding performance and impressive payload capacities, while the medium range ALIMAK SCANDO 45/30 is designed to efficiently transport passengers and materials on even the most challenging construction sites.


The ALIMAK SCANDO 65/32 passenger and materials hoist utilizes the existing 650 mast, and offers the perfect solution to all heavy material transport needs. This hoist boasts payload capacities of up to 2,400 kg per hoist car, and an extended cage size of 1.5 x 3.2 m.

The ALIMAK SCANDO 45/30 is designed for operation on the current 450 mast, and is designed to meet even the most challenging passenger and materials transport needs. This new hoist offers payload capacities of up to 2,000 kg per hoist car, with a cage size of 1.4 x 3.0 m.

Both the ALIMAK SCANDO 65/32 and the ALIMAK SCANDO 45/30 are available in single or dual car configurations, with either a Direct-on-Line (DOL) or Frequency Control (FC) motor system. These DOL or FC motors drive the unit via a high-efficiency helical gearbox designed and manufactured by Alimak Hek. Equipped with a modern microprocessor control system, both hoists offer stop-next-landing control for simple operation and ease of use.

“The ALIMAK SCANDO 65/32 and 45/30 are capable of utilizing the standard hoist accessories currently available for the popular ALIMAK SCANDO 650 and 450 modular systems respectively”, explains Fredrik Betts, Head of Business Area Construction Equipment at Alimak Hek. “The ALIMAK SCANDO 45/30 has the ability to share a mast with the Hek medium range of transport platforms, materials hoists and mast climbing work platforms, increasing utilization of existing machine accessories in a cost-effective way.”

“Designed and assembled at our production facility in Sweden, these hoists are modern, flexible hoist solutions with EN-approval. A range of hoist accessories, including mast, ties and landing equipment, may be configured at the time of hoist purchase or delivered at a later date to suit ever-changing project demands. From low to high-rise building construction, refurbishment and façade work, the ALIMAK SCANDO 65/32 and 45/30 offer a tailored solution to meet individual user, project and site needs.”

The ALIMAK SCANDO 45/30 hoist made its debut on the international market during a recent Open Day at Alimak Hek’s premises in Paris, France. The ALIMAK SCANDO 65/32 was well received by European markets following its unveiling in early 2015. Both hoist models will be available for demonstration at bauma 2016.

Source: Alimak Group Sweden AB