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AUTOSPRAY: Extreme Spray Precision

During spraying, speed, pressure and flow are closely linked to the type of nozzle used, forcing operators to limit their operating range. The AUTOSPRAY precision spray system eliminates all these constraints and makes operations easier: users select the droplet size and dose required. They are then free to work accurately over a wide speed range.

PWM (Pulse Width Modulation)


Fitted with Pulse Width Modulation technology (PWM), the AUTOSPRAY system’s smart nozzle holders dissociate spray pressure from nozzle speed. To do so, the spray speed is broken down into 20 micro pulsations per second (20 Hertz), and the system pilots the nozzle opening times. To guarantee excellent operating coverage, the pulses on the AUTOSPRAY nozzles are paced alternately along the boom.

Highly precise and very easy to use

For the operator in the cab, everything is easy. The pressure no longer needs to be adjusted according to numerous parameters (dose, speed and hence droplet size). The operator just enters the dose and droplet size into to the ISOBUS terminal. For modulated applications, recommendations indicate the dose, and the operator only needs to enter the droplet size. Highly accurate in spray quality, the AUTOSPRAY system is also fitted with the following functions

  • Continuous circulation for instant priming and limited clogging

  • Individual nozzle cut-off to limit coverage to the strict minimum

  • Modulation of the intra-field dose (at the boom)

Droplet size: an important agronomic decision

The importance of droplet size according to the treatment becomes clear, making spraying even more accurate. Selecting a finer droplet size for contact treatment when the weather conditions allow, or simply increasing the droplet size to limit drift when the product and conditions allow, are all easily done. The AUTOSPRAY system will be available for preview at SIMA 2019. It will be on sale from 2019 and available on mounted and trailed sprayers with EQUILIBRA suspension.

Source: Kuhn