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BERGMANN Universal Spreader TSW 4190 S

Solid technology at the highest level


Whether farmers, machinery rings or farm contractors; all agree on one thing: "The TSW 4190 S is the perfect machine when it comes to robust and reliable technology, made in Germany!“

That is why BERGMANN even uses quality components in its basic models, which are able to handle more than operational requirements. At the same time, these machines also put low demands on tractor equipment and convince through easy and simple operation.

Nevertheless, the TSW 4190 S is being shown at AGRITECHNICA with a high quality BCT 20 machine controller, which allows individual programming of recurring control sequences. This means that several operations can be run automatically with one touch. "It couldn't be easier," say enthusiastic customers. However, the machine can also be easily controlled by keystroke on the illuminated keypad and LCD display. On the other hand, those who want to do away with listing spreader loads on the old familiar pen and paper in the tractor cabin can use of the standard BCT 20 vehicle trip counter. Up to 10 customers or areas can be stored. The spreader can also be upgraded up to the possibility of area specific application via GPS signal and AEF certified ISOBUS control.

The Universal spreader can be low mounted to the tractor on a ball hitch as shown in Hannover, or high mounted. Both versions are with suspension. The machine at AGRITECHNICA is equipped with a follow-up axle to further improve driving characteristics, but also to protect the ground and crops. The drawbar and reinforced axles allow a maximum authorized vehicle mass of 19 t, with which the vehicle can even be driven legally on the road when transporting the material to be spread.

On the field, the user can rely on the familiar BERGMANN spreading quality. The V-shaped arrangement of the double-tine spreading unit and the total of 12 spreader blades fray the load so finely and distribute it so accurately that the DLG was able to certify outstanding performance for this spreader unit in the focus test. The use of BERGMANN universal spreader eliminates the need for more expensive artificial fertilizers and at the same time sustainably raises the humus content in the soil.

But other factors are crucial for homogeneous spreading. So it requires a continuous supply of the goods to the spreader, which is made possible by the conical shape of the fully welded all-steel bin. At the same time the rugged and very large scraper floor provides for uniform material movement. The four high-strength round steel chains (14 x 50 mm, 100 t tensile strength) with bolted solid scraper bars which are closed at the top, can even be relied on to move heavy loads, such as lime or stable manure. To adapt the spreading rate, the scraper floor speed and the dosing wall opening height can be adapted steplessly, and the latter is displayed on the front wall of the spreader.

The driver is able to make various spreader adjustments for different materials to be spread. Not only the height and the angle of the spreading unit pendulum are adaptable. The angle of the spreader blades on the spreading discs can also be set in 6 different positions thus optimizing spreading width and quality.

A variety of special equipment, other spreading units, numerous tire options, spread pattern limiters or various side wall extensions turn a standard machine into an individually tailored M / TSW 4190 S, which is optimally adapted to specific operating needs.