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Tango4 technology provides sensitive compaction on bridges. (Photos: Bomag) Go to photo
Tango4 technology provides sensitive compaction on bridges. (Photos: Bomag)

Bomag launches new TanGO4 technology

Bomag pivot-steered tandem rollers have proved themselves for years on roadworks, especially in Germany. As part of the 360° technology concept, Bomag, the leading construction equipment manufacturer based in Boppard has now introduced the new Tango4 technology into these models. For the first time, the technology allows a combination of oscillation and a split drum.


For several years, this 360° technology concept has allowed Bomag to offer a choice of three compaction technologies: standard vibration, Tango - the Bomag tangential oscillation system - and Bomag Asphalt Manager. Tango technology is useful where sensitive compaction is required. For example, on joints or bridges, in close proximity to buildings, or on very thin layers. These new Bomag rollers with Tango4 technology are well suited to these applications. In fact, in addition to many existing advantages, Tango4 technology also gives high-quality top layer compaction around bends, e.g. roundabouts, by lower shearing forces. It was previously impossible to connect a split drum to an oscillating roller, which inevitably led to compromises with surface quality. With Tango4, Bomag has developed a maintenance-free exciter system, which combines oscillation and split drums, bringing together seemingly contradictory components. These new models are equipped with a wear-resistant drum made of special steel, which guarantees a service life of 6,000 hours.

Source: Bomag GmbH