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CA2500/3500 High Climb with reverse gradeability 55%

We are now releasing High Climb (HC) versions for CA2500 and CA3500 with Stage IV/T4f engines. The main feature is to be able to reverse in the same grade that we can climb forward. Application wise this is perfect for compaction of trenches for pipelines where it’s a demand to reverse up the grade as it is not possible to turn the machine in the trench.

The drum is pushing the machine


To make it possible to achieve higher gradeability reverse we have built the High Climb machines on our Anti-spin versions with NoSpin rear axles and by introducing new heavier components in rear axle, drive motor and transmission the drum is able to push the machine reverse 55% (28 degrees).PD machines and D machines with pad shell will have a perfect grip in the soil but remember that smooth Drums need to have grip to push the machine reverse. A visible change in the drum will be the mechanical stops (circled) on drive side not to overload the rubber elements. A visible change in display will be that not only the tilt indicator but also the gradeability indicator will be visible as default (circled). In the top of the engine hood there will be HC logos to identify the machine type.

Source: Dynapac; Fayat Group