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CHRONO – high-speed precision seed drill

CHRONO, the new GASPARDO planting unit can increase productivity by over 50%. A World premiere at the Agritechnica 2017 fair.


CHRONO is the precision planting unit capable of reaching speeds of 15 km/h during sowing. It is faster than the average speeds of other seed drills on the market (circa 10 km/h).

The element, which has already won the “SMAU 2017 award for innovation”, is equipped with a new fully electric aluminium seed doser. This consists of a chamber of seed with a perforated revolving disc on its side.

Leaving the chamber, the seed enters the new CHRONO pneumatic transporter, which deposits the seed on the ground at high speeds. A photocell, positioned under the chamber, monitors the drop rate, while the soft self-cleaning rubber press wheel plants the seed exactly where it falls, ensuring extremely precise sowing.

Speed and Innovation

Maschio Gaspardo is not the only manufacturer in the market which has developed seed drills faster than 10 km/h, but it is the only company which has adopted a combination of innovative and patented solutions. Nowadays, in the market, only gravity force makes the seed fall, moving from the tank to the ground, taking a dispersive path down the drop tube. The system designed by Maschio Gaspardo enables the seed to move by the pressure inside the system. It is pushed directly into the seeding furrow by a powerful airflow, minimising transport times and ensuring that the trajectory of the seeds remains uniform along the seeding path.