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CIFA and MAN at Bauma 2019: together with the best sellers of truck-mounted pumps

Two CIFA pumps from the Classic and Carbotech range on two MAN trucks are being displayed at the CIFA Zoomlion Heavy Industry (external area 905/2) and MAN (external area facing Hall B4) booths.


The synergy between CIFA and MAN continues with regard to the fitting of vehicle-mounted concrete machinery. Two models of CIFA pumps mounted on MAN chassis are on display at the fair:

  • Carbotech K60H on a TGS 50.500 at the MAN booth (external area facing Hall B4)

  • Classic K36C on a TGS 26.420 at the CIFA-Zoomlion booth (external area 905/2)

CIFA Carbotech K60H on a TGS 50.500

The Carbotech line is a CIFA top-of-the-range, a line characterised by models with a complete configuration already in the standard offer, a 360° electronic management with pumping unit and stabilisation control, carbon fibre distribution booms that guarantee strength, lightness, minor oscillations in the processing phases.

The K60H truck-mounted pump has become a best seller over the years due to its ability to guarantee high performance: thanks to the carbon lightness, it allows a 5-axle set-up with an excellent weight distribution which allows quick registration for circulation in the main continental European countries. A 60 meters and 6 section boom means maximum flexibility: indeed, its use in larger construction sites reduces the number of installations and allows greater productivity. K60H is compact and easy to handle and even shorter than the competition’s machines with smaller booms.

About the MAN truck

The MAN TGS 50.500 10x4-6 BB perfectly fits to the CIFA Carbotech K60H. The key attributes of the chassis are the D26 engine with 500 HP and 2500 Nm, the additional trailing axle and the preparation for the easy mounting of the K60H concrete pump. This chassis is a custom-tailored solution by CIFA and MAN engineers and available ex work.

The MAN TGS model is a versatile truck. Together with the CIFA K60H concrete pump this unit is perfectly adapted for operation in the concrete sector.

CIFA Classic K36C on a TGS 26.420

The Classic line boasts reliable and simple models, standardised in colour and configuration. This range is available in a limited number of models in a few selected markets which do not require any diversification of the product configuration.

The K36C has been designed to be reliable and simple without sacrificing performance. It has a 36 meter boom, a 120 m3/h open circuit pumping unit with a maximum pressure on concrete of 70 bar. The 5-section distribution boom has a minimum opening height of just 8.5 metres.

About the MAN truck

The MAN TGS 26.420 6x4 BB is the best chassis for the use in construction business. With its 420 HP engine and the typical M cab this chassis is the typical chassis for the K36C CIFA model. The specialty on shown chassis at BAUMA is that the truck is entirely prepared for the easy mounting of the concrete pump unit ex work. In detail the fuel and AdBlue tanks and the battery box are relocated so that the outriggers get the free space between the first and second axle.

Source: CIFA SpA