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CIFA at Intermat 2018, Innovation in Every Machine

Booth: Area EXT 6 E056


CIFA continues in the trend already set by its history, keeping innovation, quality and the customer at the centre of its focus. It’s through innovation that CIFA aims to confirm its leadership the market of concrete machinery. In 2018 CIFA will celebrate its 90th Anniversary “Driven by Innovation”

In 2010 we presented the first truck pumps using carbon fiber for the boom, it was the birth of the CARBOTECH range. In 2013 CIFA introduced the hybrid technology in truck mixers presenting the ENERGYA E9 that has grown into a series of Hybrid machines with the presentation in 2016 of the Shotcrete pump CSSE. The ENERGYA today is a reality on the market.

CIFA will be at Intermat 2018 in a 754 sqm external area.

The following machines are to be exhibited during the show:

Truck mounted pumps

CARBOTECH series: K40H New product for the French market – The longest pump mounted on 3 axles weighting less than 26.000kg on road available on the market

Truck mixers

Model ENERGYA series, Plug-in Hybrid E9.

Model SLA12ST on semitrailer (Dedicated specifically to the French market)

Truck mixer pumps

Model MAGNUM MK28L - New Easytronic machine management system with LSC (LIGHT STABILITY CONTROL) and aluminium hose holder

Model MAGNUM MK25H CARBOTECH– Equipped with Smartronic machine management system with LSC (LIGHT STABILITY CONTROL) and aluminium hose holder

Cifa confirms its innovation role in the concrete machinery presenting the latest updates for these product categories.

Truck mounted pumps

For the range of vehicle-mounted pumps, CIFA continues with the implementation of the product strategy that emphasizes diversification of the range based on three lines: CARBOTECH, STEELTECH and CLASSIC. Three different configurations to best meet the various needs of each area and each company.

The top of the line is available with the “CARBOTECH” series that includes a range of models with complete configuration even in the standard version, 360° electronics management with control over the pumping unit, stabilisation and operating parameters, distribution arms in carbon fibre to guarantee sturdiness, lightweight and less oscillation during the work phases. Extended

warranties and a range of “premium” services are included in the “CARBOTECH” range. Carbotech pumps range from 40m to 80m of boom length.

The “STEELTECH” series offers the possibility of outfitting a wide range of accessories and optional equipment on the configurable product. With particular attention to the total weight in the European road limits, this is the range with the most models and configuration variations. Steeltech pumps range from 20m to 58m of boom length.

The “CLASSIC” range includes a reliable, easy-to-service, very standardised product in a standard colour and configuration with no optional equipment or accessories available. The warranty provided is 12 months from delivery. This range is available in a limited number of models in a few selected markets, which do not require any diversification of the product configuration. Classic pumps range from 36m to 56m of boom length.


New model that sets a new market record for the longest boom mountable on 3-axles trucks within 26.000kg of weight. Thanks to the use of carbon fiber for part of the boom, the K40H has a 5-sections-RZ distribution arm with a length of 40 meters. The machine is fully equipped with the Smartronic GOLD machine management system including the ASC (Advanced Stability Control – exclusive of CIFA) and a pumping unit 1608 EC with electronic management, 160m3/h of capacity and 80bar of maximum pressure on concrete.

Truck Mixers


CIFA, currently produces the most advanced truck mixer available, the Energya E9 allowing outstanding levels of ecocompatibility and eco savings. CIFA is back to the public of operators and concrete field aficionados with ENERGYA E9, the hybrid truck mixer that cares and respects the environment.

The peculiarity of this vehicle is that the drum is moved by an electrical engine, fed by a state of the art lithium smart battery group, that recharges both during transportation on road and during loading or downtimes. This system thus guarantees a consumption reduction up to 30%, higher attention to the environment thanks to CO2 emissions abatement and reduction of noise up to 10 dB.

Energya E9 is the ideal solution for castings in closed spaces (e.g. in tunnels), where using an electrical engine is essential, as well as in city centres where it is important to reduce noises and pollutant emissions to improve quality of the air.

New design and performance, under the sign of energy efficiency and environment sustainability, Energya truck mixer was designed in E8 and E9 models, with a carrying capacity of 8 and 9 m³ respectively.

Multiple units are already successfully operating in France and in many other countries.

SLA 12 ST on semitrailer

A large 12cbm capacity mixer, self propelled by an auxiliary engine installed on semitrailer fitted to meet French road regulations. It’s a new mixer taking advantage of semitrailer installation: maximum concrete payload and flexibility so that one tractor can be coupled with different trailers (dumpers for instance).

Truck Mixer Pumps

CIFA, undisputed market leader for this range of machines, continues in the evolution of the MAGNUM series.


At the stand an MK28L will be presented with upgrades in the machine management system, using the Easytronic with LSC (Light Stability Control), a reliable solution to work safely when the 4 outriggers of the machine cannot be extended completely, limiting the safe working area. Moreover the product on the stand will be equipped with the aluminium hose holder option, allowing operators to easily and safely store many hoses on the side rails.

MK25H Carbotech

The new MK25H, the flagbearer of the range, is achieving resounding success all over Europe and it can boast a series of exclusive patents and news which did not fail to amaze clients. The latest updates involve the advanced electronic dedicated to the machine management: The SMARTRONIC system with a user friendly graphic interface allowing immediate familiarity with every aspect of the machine.

MK25H is a truck mixer pump with four sections boom (the final two made of carbon fiber) and “Z” folding system assembled on four axles with a maximum weight of 32 ton with 5 cubic meters of concrete.

Piping is 100 mm and the drum has a nominal capacity of 7 m3 that develops a geometrical volume of 12.8 m3 and it’s made in ultra resistant over 300 HB steel.

The 607 CC EPC close circuit pumping unit is operated electronically: extremely fluid, it allows a linear cast without shakes, it reduces consumptions and noises, thus reducing vibrations during pumping.

The MK25H, with its two carbon sections, meets requirements of the strict regulations that set weight limits for this kind of machines, allowing clients to carry more concrete each trip, with immediate effects on productivity in the construction site and return on the investment.

The boom can be opened in 5.2 m height only and it reaches a pumping height of over 24 m, with a horizontal opening of over 20 m.  

Source: CIFA SpA