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CIFA hybrid mixer on a gas truck for a "Zero Emission" construction site

The most innovative model of the Energya hybrid mixer truck is mounted on gas trucks at the CIFA Zoomlion Heavy Industry (external area 905/2) and Scania (hall B4 312, 34B.2) booths.


Two models of CIFA's Energya E9 hybrid mixer mounted on Scania G410 trucks are on display at the booths of both companies at Bauma 2019 (CIFA: external area 905/2; Scania: hall B4 312, 34B.2).

"Zero Emission" for a sustainable jobsite

Together, CIFA's Energya hybrid mixer and the Scania gas truck form the most innovative model of the hybrid mixer: a consumption reduction of 30%, a CO2 emissions reduction of 95%, and noise reduction on both the truck engine and the drum, and without compromising performance.

A combination of two technologies as yet unparalleled: the biomethane gas engine truck and the electric motor of CIFA Energya hybrid mixer. This model allows concrete to be transported to urban and suburban areas subject to constraints in terms of emissions of gaseous pollutants and greenhouse gas, thus preserving the environment.

The Energya concrete mixer has a 9 m3 drum and the battery can be charged in 4 modes:

  • directly from the power supply using a battery charger mounted on the machine (plug-in system);

  • through the external charging column (public or CIFA Fast Charge);

  • through the generator powered by the truck engine (gas in this case, but it also works with diesel);

  • through the KERS system (Kinetic Energy Recovery System), which allows it to recover energy during the deceleration phase of the vehicle that would otherwise be lost.

Presented at Bauma 2013 as the world's first hybrid technology mixer truck, mounted on diesel trucks, and is now operating in major European cities.

Source: CIFA SpA