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City of Heidelberg relies on thermo-insulated push-off trailer in road construction

“Fliegl Asphaltprofi Thermo“
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“Fliegl Asphaltprofi Thermo“

The added value which Fliegl’s “Asphaltprofi Thermo“ generates for the paving quality and durability of road surfaces is recognized by experts. It is therefore only logical and consistent that more and more authorities define the combination of thermo-insulated container and push-off technology to renew roads. For example, the city of Heidelberg, on whose behalf a 1.6 kilometer long section of the bypass road L637 was asphalted with so-called thermo-troughs with push-off technology. The hot asphalt is supplied in thermo-insulated transport vehicles; it thus maintains its temperature without any additional heating device. The push-off technology, then again, ensures that the hot asphalt is not simply dumped, but is delivered little by little to the road paver by means of hydraulics. This makes the asphalt layer as homogeneous as possible on the road. With the help of this push-off technology, more than 3,000 tons of asphalt was installed on almost 16,000 square meters of roadway.The average discharge temperature was 158,9° C.


The „Asphaltprofi Thermo“ has Fliegl High Insulation, i.e. side walls, floor, front and rear wall are fully equipped with “Fliegl Isotherm”. Its fully wind-proof covering lowers temperature losses during transport and prevents oxygen supply which would lead to an oxidation of the binder. This is the only way to preserve the sticking strength of the binder.

The effect: Temperature losses during transport are minimal with the „Fliegl Asphaltprofi Thermo“; the temperature of the bituminous mix is at any time well above 150°C (as required by ZTV Asphalt-StB 07) even on the sides of the container. There are no cold nests. The benefits of the Fliegl push-off technology show their worth when the bituminous mix is supplied to the asphalt finisher: Immediately after docking, the bit-by-bit and at any time metered transfer of the mix to the finisher begins; there is no standstill. The push-off process also leads to a perfect mixing of the asphalt during unloading and thus to a continuous homogeneity. There are no demixing processes which would reduce the final paving quality. As a result, the degree of compaction is at least 98%. The building contractors hence gain safety with the “Fliegl Asphaltprofi Thermo“: The mix is delivered hot and homogenous enough so that the required degree of compaction can be achieved without problems. Thus, high contractual penalties or fines can be avoided.

The “Fliegl Asphaltprofi Thermo“ is also an intelligent solution for difficult asphalt paving situations. Tunnels, bridges and height obstacles pose no problem. The unloading process also works with ceiling heights where dump trucks soon reach their limits. Pushing-off instead of tipping also means greater safety – where nothing is tilted, nothing can tip over. Another advantage is the residue-free emptying of the container during the push-off process. Time-consuming cleaning work in the container can be avoided even with very sticky mixtures.The average installation temperature was 147.9 ° C and was almost as high as during the unloading process.

The additional costs of the use of the „Fliegl Asphaltprofi Thermo” are approximately 1.2 to 6 ‰ of the asphalt building costs. It is worth it to compare theses extra costs with the considerably higher costs for later complaints. Good quality costs money. Poor-quality building work is much more expensive. In terms of advantages, the “Asphaltprofi Thermo” scores with

  • significantly higher paving quality and considerably longer durability of asphalt pavements

  • even asphalt paving with push-off technology – also in urban situations, underpasses,

  • avenues, gantries and traffic control systems

  • higher paving performance – more meters per day

  • shorter turnaround times due to low load center

  • trouble-free paving of sensitive coverings (OPA, PMA, DSHV, PmB etc.)


Haulage firms or subcontractors which count on the „Fliegl Asphaltprofi Thermo” gain a crucial competitive advantage. They prevent claims for damages and are available to authorities as reliable partners in public procurement procedures. This means: Fliegl‘s “Asphaltprofi Thermo” is not only an innovation in asphalt building but also a useful investment.

Jürgen Odszuck, the first mayor of the city of Heidelberg, is also convinced of the push-off technology in road construction: "The construction project is a good example of a careful handling of the resource ‘road’. By renovating the road surface of the bypass road today, we are able to protect the underlying building structure in the long term and avoid future damage".

Source: Fliegl Bau- & Kommunaltechnik GmbH